Wonderland with Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton Wonderland

The top of my wish list this year was a new timepiece. I still love my Michael Kors piece, but I was after something a little more simple and elegant. A piece that works with every outfit and suitable for everyday wear. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that's exactly what Santa brought me. 

This beautiful Olivia Burton Wonderland piece is with Rose Gold hard wear, and a sleek mink strap. Isn't she a beaut? The dial is of the smaller range that Olivia Burton, but I feel it sits perfectly on my petite frame, and the mink strap offers the everyday versatility I was after. The classic dial design makes me feel like I'm wearing a piece that could be from any time period, classic and timeless. 

What's best if that OB also sells their straps separately allowing you to change the watch according to the seasons too! What do you think ladies? X