How to Find New Blogging Motivation

// Does blogging ever make you feel like you're on an island? You're sat there pouring your creativity and ideas into your your blog, you're pouring your soul into a little window on your computer screen all to be left feeling alone. The sea around you is full of millions of other perfect bloggers doing better than you, getting more opportunities than you and you can't figure out why. Do you often feel like you're going at it alone, losing momentum, draining yourself of passion? And for what? 

// Don't worry. We've all been there. Damn it, I'm there quite often. Just look at my track record - I'm what you might call an on-again-off-again blogger. I get a surge of motivation and inspiration and feverishly stack up a bunch of great posts, only to lose motivation a week later and bury my head in the sand. It's exhausting. I've changed my blog name more time that I can count in an effort to re-brand myself, to make it work this time, to be a better blogger and MAKE IT in the blogging world. If you're on that island right now, don't worry - you're in good company

// I want to tell you a truth, a truth that might not be comfortable. That truth is that - it's okay not to be perfect. It's okay to sometime lose confidence in blogging. Heck it's natural and I would almost say it's healthy. Striving to be a 'perfect' blogger is a mission that you should give up now. It only leads to discontentment. Once you stop striving for 'perfection', you give yourself permission to really be yourself. And being yourself, is the only way you're going to see any breakthrough in your blog. 

// Instead of writing about the 'new cult lipstick' or new fashionable _______ fill in the blank. Write about what brings you joy, write about what interests you and fills your heart. Be intentional about what you write, and that's where you'll find your motivation. Being you, feeling comfortable with you is where you will find inspiration and inspire others to do so too. 

// We're all fed up of seeing clone bloggers, who all look the same, speak the same. So be something different, be you. Instead of feeling isolated on your island, build a castle on it! Make it your own island!