Daily Bible Plans for Women

Daily Bible Plans for Women

// At the top of the year we all try to refocus our lives and our minds. You may have even worked on your own #goals plan for 2017. I wrote in a recent post, New Year, Same Me, about the smaller things I was going to endeavour to do to improve my daily life. One of those goals was to set aside 10 mins each day to meditate on the Bible. I find that finding that time daily enriches my life in ways that nothing else can, but so often, I just don't get round to it. In order to ensure I stay on track, I've researched and found some really awesome reading plans which I wanted to share in the hope that they might bless and enrich your life also. 


// Timothy Keller - My Rock My Refuge. 365 days of short Bible passages, meditations and prayers based on the Psalms. I really enjoy this book, it takes less then 10mins in the morning or evening to refocus your mind on the truths and hope in the Psalms. 

// Rachel Wojo - Pure Joy. I just LOVE Rachel's website where she blogs about real life and faith along with reading challenges to inspire your daily life. If you've not checked her out, you really should. Her book Pure Joy really resonates with my desires in life. In the search for happiness, contentment and joy, this book leads you through a month of studies from the word to cultivate a happy heart.  


 // Joyce Meyer - Trusting God Day by Day. Always a favourite, Joyce is awesome. If you haven't read Battlefield of the Mind, then you should. It will change your life and blow your mind! Trusting God Day by Day is a quick daily meditation exploring wonderful truths from the Bible which can change your life.

//  Raechel Myers + Amana Williams - Open Your Bible. The She Reads Truth brand, is a long standing favourite of mine. I've used their app for years. Open your Bible  is a 7 session study plan which will leave you with a greater appreciation of the work of God and practical ways to apply His promises to your life.  

// So whether you want to read your Bible more, or have never opened one. I really encourage you to try out one of these books, and just see what happens. Plus, these covers are all totally Instagram--able!