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NEXT Eau Nude Perfume Chanel Mademoiselle Dupe
Hey guys! I'm breaking my streak of Travel, Style and Lifestyle posts, and brining back a good old fashioned beauty post! Chanel Mademoiselle is officially the most popular women's scent in the world. And I can see why, Mademoiselle is a beautifully crafted scent and extremely versatile, suitable for every age group and every occasion. So it actually makes the perfect gift from any woman in your life. It's my go-to daily scent. The only problem is the price. Now I totally believe that you should spend good money on items like perfume, bags and shoes. On the whole, you definitely get what you pay for... but there's an exception...

I'm so excited about this, as you can probably tell... and I've actually posted about this scent before, I love it so much. For a fraction of the prince, Next - Eau Nude Eau de parfum, is a fanatic dupe for Chanel Mademoiselle! Yes, that's right - instead of spending almost £90 on the real thing, you can rock the same scent, for only £12 (100ml), or £8 (30ml). How amazing is that?! 

Next Eau Nude, has the majority of the same notes as it's Chanel counter part; including Mandarin, Jasmine, Rose and Patchouli. It's such a beautiful scent, that performs pretty well too. Being an eau de parfum, it's a light fragrance, but it lingers really well on the skin. I love this scent so much, I actually opted to wear Eau Nude for my wedding day, instead of splashing out on the Chanel! 

So weather you're on a budget, or looking for the perfect stocking filler you can't go wrong with this little gem! 

NEXT Eau Nude Perfume Chanel Mademoiselle Dupe

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