How to be a more influential blogger

Influence is a huge factor when it comes to being a successful blogger, particularly if you're moving towards blogging professionally. Readers need to know that reading your content and opinions, is not a waste of time. And you also, want to know that when you're publishing content, people are going to listen to you, and its not subsequently a waste of your time. 

Influence. It's a bit of a buzz work in the online marketing game, but what does it really mean and what does it take to have more influence within your niche? The definition of Influence is: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something. So this might be influencing your reader's buying habits, trying to sell a product or even just encouraging them to follow you. Whatever it is, influence is key to seeing more traffic, higher engagement and more sales within your blog or business. So here's four key elements to help you increase your influence. I'll call them the four C's. 

Credible. You've gotta know what you're talking about. This may sound simple, but if people are going to listen to you, then you need to prove that you're worth listening to. Credibility is about being trusted and being believed in. This can be achieved in a variety of ways; including Social proof (numbers of followers who you already influence), Consistency, which we will move on to shortly and  even qualifications - depending on your field. 

Capable. You've got to be capable, you've got to walk the talk if you want people to pay attention. Ultimately, you've got to be good at what you do. You need to show people you're an expert and knowledgable in your niche. This is something that I am always working on! Self development and education yourself are essential to improvement and growth within your blog and business. 

Consistent. We touched on this above, but again you have to be consistent, I spoke about this in my Little Tricks All Bloggers Should Know post, and it's just so so important! Whether it's a blog or a business, your following need to see that you're consistently showing up with great content. This builds trust within your brand, you might want to consider a blogging or Social media schedule or editorial calendar.

Connected. Sharing great content is great, but unless you're connected within your network it's not going to be very effective. You need to be visibly connecting with those within your niche, both readers and other contributors like you. Association with other known influencers doing a similar thing will bring more credibility to your brand. So get on Social Media and join in conversations, comment on other's posts and share great content from other influential creators! 

There is no trick to gaining influence, as much of it is earned by putting in the hours and the effort to constantly improve yourself and your brand. Become an expert and commit yourself to what you're doing and people will listen! 

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