Autumn Winter Petite Style

The BEST Vegan Protein Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

 BEST Vegan Protein Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Arbonne Vanilla protein
While the boys chow down on bacon rolls, my go to breakfast at the moment are smoothie bowls. Smoothie bowls are a great way to get in your fruits and protein to start the day in the best way possible! I've been experimenting with different combinations to find the ultimate breakfast smoothie bowl. And guys... I think this is it... 

Autumn Walking

Hey guys! I cannot believe it's Friday again already! This week has gone SO quickly. I'm starting to settle into the rhythm of my new job, and I am loving it. It's so great to be finally working in an area that I have a true passion for! I have a super team, which makes it even more worth while! But truthfully, I'm exhausted, and so happy the weekend is here again! I plan on spending the weekend chilling out with my husband and working on some very exciting project to come soon!!

I also hope to squeeze in some autumn walks, in cosy jumpers and winter booties...

How to be a more influential blogger

Influence is a huge factor when it comes to being a successful blogger, particularly if you're moving towards blogging professionally. Readers need to know that reading your content and opinions, is not a waste of time. And you also, want to know that when you're publishing content, people are going to listen to you, and its not subsequently a waste of your time. 

Next - Eau Nude Perfume

NEXT Eau Nude Perfume Chanel Mademoiselle Dupe
Hey guys! I'm breaking my streak of Travel, Style and Lifestyle posts, and brining back a good old fashioned beauty post! Chanel Mademoiselle is officially the most popular women's scent in the world. And I can see why, Mademoiselle is a beautifully crafted scent and extremely versatile, suitable for every age group and every occasion. So it actually makes the perfect gift from any woman in your life. It's my go-to daily scent. The only problem is the price. Now I totally believe that you should spend good money on items like perfume, bags and shoes. On the whole, you definitely get what you pay for... but there's an exception...

Chelsea styling, London 2016

Hey guys! It seems that last weekend was the last of our sunshine, London is in full swing into the fall. I love switching out my wardrobe for the colder months, but it's also fun to play with styles during the transitions.

Santorini Vibes

Santorini was the first part of our honeymoon, I've convinced my hubby that we should go away again in the next couple of months. We were so blessed to be spending time with our good friends from when we lived in Sydney. We rented quad bikes, went exploring, and drank far too many G&Ts! Vacations with friends are the best. When we're together, the drinks flow like rain!

Good friends, a cold G&T, a dip in the pool along with this view... who could ask for more?  

Fall Styling London 2016

Claire Durrant London Hipster Style
After a crazy month, of weddings and travelling,  it feels so great to be back in London again! I have a love hate relationship with London, you see, I'm a country girl at heart. I love nothing more that opening the back door and jumping on a bike to explore, I love the quiet too. But while I'm young and able, as they say, I'm getting my hicks in the big city. Fall and the Christmas are by far my favourite seasons to be in the city. I love watching the leaves change colour, and all the streets light up for the festivities! 

Ocean Views : Santorini

Despite carelessly getting the worst sunburn on our previous day's hike, nothing could keep me away from this view. Fira town in Santorini holds some of the best views of the volcano and makes for the perfect spot to watch the ocean go by. But I highly recommend wearing sunscreen! I spent the rest of the trip trying to rid myself of these horrible tan lines.

Urban Decay Vice Metallized Lipstick - Amulet

Claire Durrant Urban Decay Vice Metallized Lipstick - Amulet

I love a good sample, and after spending a small fortune at the Urban Decay counter before the wedding, I was thrilled nice girl at the counter threw in some epic samples too! I received the cutest travel size De Slick setting spray, and this epic Vice lipstick sampler. I've been having so much fun trying out new shades, and I've definitely found my new signature fall shade for this year.   

Santorini Exploring

Just days after our Wedding, we jumped on a plane to join our friends to celebrate their big day. Destination wedding are the best, not only do you get to be a part of their day but you get to explore a new place too. After getting engaged in Mykonos (more here & here), my love affair with Greek Islands has only become more encompassing. So I was totally stoked to be headed to the beautiful island of Santorini.