Declutter Your Inbox

Decluttering my Inbox is the first task I tackled as part of my Simplistic Life Project. It's something that's so simple to do, but something I never get round to doing. I'm literally that person with over 3000 unread emails! But with Simplicity in mind I choose to believe a Clear Inbox = a Clear Mind! Wouldn't you like to have an inbox which only contained information and communications that  you actually wanted? So here's 5 quick ways to declutter your inbox! 

A Clear Inbox = A Clear Mind! 

1. Unsubscribe. Super simple isn't it? About 85% of most inboxes are unwanted subscriptions and newsletters. Every company that you've ever engaged with continue to bombard you for the rest of your life, unless you put a stop to it. Use an online tool such as Unroll me pulls all of your subscriptions together and allows you to unsub super quick and easy. Ideally you want to unsubscribe for about 90% of the mailing lists you have. 

2. File and delete.  Again super simple.  If you've read it, don't just leave it sitting there in piling up in your inbox. If you need it - file it. If you don't - delete it. This does take a bit of time, but once you've done it once, make it a habit and keep your inbox under control! 

3. Don't subscribe. One  sure fire way to stop cluttered inboxes is to not subscribe to unwanted news letters in the first place. Some companies get you without you knowing, so be careful with those pesky check boxes. When signing up from newsletter, consider if you're actually going to have time to read them, or if you're actually want them. 

4. Alternative Email address. Sometimes, you just can't avoid surrendering your email address to a company. Try setting up an alternative email which you can use when you need to and keep your inbox spam free! 

5. Social Media notifications. Do you really want LinkedIN to email you on the hour every hour? No, I didn't think so. Did you know all social media networks allow you to control what notifications you receive? This is such a useful feature to use to rid your inbox of unwanted emails!