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I love to share my tips and tricks with you, and that basically what this blog is becoming more and more about. Sharing information and advice on how you can get the most out of your blog or business! Here's 3 little tricks which all bloggers should know... 

1. Naming your images. When you enter a search into Google, it doesn't just search for words, it also searches for images. So to up your search engine game you need to ensure that all your images are named appropriately before uploading them to your blog. PS00961 means nothing to google, so try using the brand name if it's a product. You can take it one step further and name your images within your blog for an extra boost. Open your photo properties within your blog window and enter appropriate Title Text and ALT Text names for your images. 

2. Share buttons. The way readers engage with blogs is changing. The time where comments were king is over. People just don't have time to leave comments, as soon as they've read your content, they're on to the next. It's sad, but it's a consumers world. It's now all about shares, you want to make is super easy for your readers to share your content with their audience on their social media. They might not take time to leave a comment, but they will share your content if they think it's valuable. So make sure your posts have some really obviously share buttons at the end of your posts. 

3. Consistency is Key.  Again, google is pretty clever, those little search bots know if your site hasn't been active for a while, and it can tell if you're not uploading content. Inconsistency damages your search engine ranking, as well as your relationship with your readers. So it's really important to keep your site updated and publishing new content consistently. If you're stuck for content, check out the top 5 Quick and Easy Blog Post Ideas, which are perfect to keep your blog moving when inspiration is flagging! 

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