Little Tricks All Bloggers Should Know: Part 2

Everyone loves a little tip or trick, especially when it improves your blog! In my last Little Tricks post, we talked about naming your images correctly, utilizing share buttons, and being consistent. That post was actually really popular with you guys so, I figured Part 2 was in order, so here's some more little tricks every blogger should know! 

1. Back Linking. Once you've got a reader on to your page, you want them to spend some time there, and for them to see all the great content you have to offer. The time a reader spends on your page is known as the Bounce Rate for those Google Analytic users out there. 

I like to include Back Linking within my posts to direct readers to other posts and pages within my site. Since I started including related post links within my blog posts, my bounce rates have improved dramatically. Not only do my readers engage with the post they clicked on, by I'm able to direct them to other posts that may interest them, keeping them on my site longer. An example of how I do this is below: 

2. Automated Content Sharing. I go into more detail on this in my Automated Content Sharing post, but I cannot express how key this is to building your audience and seeing consistent traffic coming to your blog. Automated posting allows you to market your content to those in other time zones, as well as saving you a heap of time!

3. Call to Action. This may seem a little obvious, but honestly it really does work! If you want people to follow you, then you should ask. If you want people to comment, then you should ask them to! Creating really a really clear Call to Action can really boost reader engagement, so if you're not doing this already, it's something I really recommend. 

I try to use at least one Call to Action within each post, so this might be; 'Make sure you're following me on Instagram to get all the details' or 'Let me know your best tips for Instagram in the comments' or even something as simple as: 'Sign up for my newsletter to get exclusive content!'  Know you know who the saying goes, If you don't ask - you don't get! 

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There we have it, three more little tricks to have you on your way to blogging success. I post a tonne of great blogging and business tips over on Instagram, so make sure you're following me there so you don't miss out! (See what I did there)

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