Content Marketing - Automated Content Sharing

Content Marketing - Automated Content Sharing

Automated Content Sharing seems a little daunting at first. The words themselves look and feel a bit ugly ugly, but whether you like it or not, automated sharing is quickly becoming a must for even the smallest of blogs. 

Social media is king when it comes to marketing your content and getting it noticed. Over 40% of my site traffic comes directly from my social media platforms. The problem is, you've spend hours on curating and creating your content, you've styled, taken and edited your images, now you want your content to be seen. You want to ensure that your hard work was worth it and your audience engage with your content. Sadly, one little link on twitter just isn't going to cut it. These days Social Media moves so quickly, as soon as your post a tweet it's gone, buried under hundreds of new updates. In fact, each tweet only has an average life span of 15 mins! 

You could choose to spend every waking moment updating your Facebook page or Instagram feed, but even then - at some point you're going to have to sleep. So how do you ensure that  your content is constantly being put out there, and your audience, whatever the time zone, can find your content? 

This is where automated content sharing systems come in. Think of them as your own personal Social Media Manager, there pushing out your content while you get on with your life, without the hefty hourly rate! Lucky for you, there's lots of automated content sharing systems out there to save the day! Here's a couple of my faves...

1. Buffer (Basic Plan: Free)
2. Meet Edgar  (From $49/month)
3. Hootsuite (From £6.99/month)

The beauty of automated content sharing is how easy it is, most systems work on the same principles. You create a schedule, by selecting how many times you want to post per day, and what platforms you would like to be updated.  You then add the content and links you want to be shared, then sit back, and let it do it's thing. 

Automating my content sharing has worked wonders for my traffic stats and reader engagement! I like to load up my content schedule two days in advance, to make life easier.  I highly recommend using the handy buffer app on your phone to keep your Content Marketing game on point! 

Do you use Automated Content Sharing? Which system works for you? I'd love to hear how it's working for you! 

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