La Roche-Posay Sun protection

During the summer, I have to keep an eye on my skin's exposure to the sun. I'm naturally very pale and my skin is very sensitive - so I burn super quickly! The problem is that I adore the heat and spend my summer hours soaking up the sun reading a good book! The last thing I want is to feel the sting of sunburn so I make it a priority to ensure that my skin is protected from the sun always, I can fake tan later! 

I've spoken before about my love for the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti shine tinted dry touch gel, I love to wear it as a primer most days, but on these hot afternoons it's perfect on it's own. It's Super light and absorbant with a light coverage and SPF 50+.  Sticking with the SPF 50+ for my body, the Anthelios XL comfort cream is the none greasy and great  keep my skin soft and hydrated in the sun.

Here are my top picks for staying protected and cool this summer.. 

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