Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

With a wedding coming up, it's never been more important to look my best, so I've been exploring some tooth whitening options. Tooth whitening is something I've always experimented with, some with successful but more often than not it's not turned out great. For me, white shinny teeth are the greatest accessory, and something I try to maintain check out my Brighter Whiter Smile Routine to find out more. 

Mr Blanc is a brand that I've come across a few times, but not tried, until a friend recommended I give their Professional whitening strips a go. Mr Blanc come in bundled with a 2 week supply of daily whitening strips. Each daily pack comes with two strips, one strip for your top teeth and the other for your bottom teeth. The strips are coated with a peroxide free formula which is completely safe and enamel-friendly. Once applied, the strips are left for 30 mins while the formula absorbs and removes stains, leaving your teeth brighter and whiter. 

Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips are definitely the most effective tooth whitening product I've used to date. And I've used a lot! The strips are really easy to apply, and they stay put once applied too, avoiding any sticky mess! The gel is lightly mint flavored, however teeth whitening is never a completely pleasant experience, these were really no bother at all to use. I used them after brushing my teeth in the morning, while I got myself ready for  the day, and brushed away any gel residue once I was done. 

After the first use, I could really see a difference in the colour and appearance to my teeth and after two weeks the results were awesome. My teeth looked and felt great, with no pain or nasty side effect. If you're looking for brighter and whiter teeth The Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips are really worth trying!  

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