Dress to Impress - What to wear to an interview?

It takes under 30 seconds for the average interviewing manager to decide whether or not to hire a candidate. When in professional situations its VITAL to make that first impression, the right one. There's a variety ways to make a good impression, from good knowledge, to a firm handshake. But when 75% of all hiring managers believe that the top interview mistake is wearing inappropriate attire - I figured that was a good place to start. 

Dressing appropriately for an interview, isn't a once size fits all formula. Firstly, consider what type of role you're interviewing for, the style of the role should influence you choices of interview attire. Creative roles, are typically more casual, where as corporate business roles demand a little more formality. To make it simpler, let's limit it to 3 categories; Casual, Business Casual and Formal.

For those casual interviews, it's important to keep your look comfortable but presentable. Keep the bottom half business and the party on the top. Opt for clean lines, with a pop of colour which flows through your outfit. 

Jacket // Top // Chinos // Pumps // Earrings 

Business casual
Stick to muted colours and classic styles for a stylish Business Casual look. Throw in some cute accessories to show your personality, and a simple nude heel to finish it off.  

Step up your game for a formal interview with a great pair of tailored trousers and a silk blouse. Black is a really safe colour, you can't go wrong with a great pair of black pumps and structured bag. Soften the look with a cute bow collar. 

Now your outfit's sorted, here's my top 5 tips for rocking your interview:

1. Keep it simple - simple outfits are easier to polish and maintain throughout the day
2. Avoid denim - at all costs
3.Be fragrant - the human brain remembers scent, a good scent can make you memorable
4.Details - Polish up your Nails, hair & make up. These small things can really make a difference
5. Smile - don't let your interview nerves overcome you, remember to smile.