Dress to Impress - What to wear to an interview?

It takes under 30 seconds for the average interviewing manager to decide whether or not to hire a candidate. When in professional situations its VITAL to make that first impression, the right one. There's a variety ways to make a good impression, from good knowledge, to a firm handshake. But when 75% of all hiring managers believe that the top interview mistake is wearing inappropriate attire - I figured that was a good place to start. 

Dressing appropriately for an interview, isn't a once size fits all formula. Firstly, consider what type of role you're interviewing for, the style of the role should influence you choices of interview attire. Creative roles, are typically more casual, where as corporate business roles demand a little more formality. To make it simpler, let's limit it to 3 categories; Casual, Business Casual and Formal.

For those casual interviews, it's important to keep your look comfortable but presentable. Keep the bottom half business and the party on the top. Opt for clean lines, with a pop of colour which flows through your outfit. 

Jacket // Top // Chinos // Pumps // Earrings 

Business casual
Stick to muted colours and classic styles for a stylish Business Casual look. Throw in some cute accessories to show your personality, and a simple nude heel to finish it off.  

Step up your game for a formal interview with a great pair of tailored trousers and a silk blouse. Black is a really safe colour, you can't go wrong with a great pair of black pumps and structured bag. Soften the look with a cute bow collar. 

Now your outfit's sorted, here's my top 5 tips for rocking your interview:

1. Keep it simple - simple outfits are easier to polish and maintain throughout the day
2. Avoid denim - at all costs
3.Be fragrant - the human brain remembers scent, a good scent can make you memorable
4.Details - Polish up your Nails, hair & make up. These small things can really make a difference
5. Smile - don't let your interview nerves overcome you, remember to smile. 

La Roche-Posay - Anthelios XL Tinted Dry Touch Gel SPF50+

Anthelios XL Tinted Dry Touch Gel*  £18 is part of the new line of innovative products from La Roche-Posay. La Roche-Posay acknowledge that 73% of people don't regularly apply sun protection to their face, despite knowing the risks of sun exposure. Daily sunscreen is something that most of us know we should be wearing, but more often than not skip it in our daily routines. 

Facial sunscreens have got themselves a bad rep over the years for being thick and greasy on the skin. But here is where La Roche-Posay have really raised the bar. La Roche-Posay tailor their sun care to meet the needs of all types of skin, so that no one has to miss out on vital sun protection. The Tinted Dry Touch gel has an SPF50+ is suited to oily to combination skin; with a double anti-shine protection, and absorbs immediately into the skin with no sign of shine! 

I've had a bit of a love affair with La Roche-Posay for some time now, and with summer on it's way the Anthelios XL Tinted Dry Touch Gel really got me excited. Not only does the Dry Touch Gel absorb immediately and help keep my oily skin at bay in the heat, but it's also a great tinted product too. With ultra light coverage, the dry touch gel has micro-pigments which adapt to your skin giving a beautiful natural tone.  

I'm super impressed with this product, and it's quickly replacing my everyday primer as it sits so beautifully under my foundation, and helps keep my skin looking matte all day long. It's great to know that my skin is protected throughout the day too. I can't wait to use the Anthelios XL Tinted Dry Touch Gel on holiday day this year, the light pigmentation is just perfect for adding a bit of coverage for beach days, and is also water resistant too! 

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Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

With a wedding coming up, it's never been more important to look my best, so I've been exploring some tooth whitening options. Tooth whitening is something I've always experimented with, some with successful but more often than not it's not turned out great. For me, white shinny teeth are the greatest accessory, and something I try to maintain check out my Brighter Whiter Smile Routine to find out more. 

Mr Blanc is a brand that I've come across a few times, but not tried, until a friend recommended I give their Professional whitening strips a go. Mr Blanc come in bundled with a 2 week supply of daily whitening strips. Each daily pack comes with two strips, one strip for your top teeth and the other for your bottom teeth. The strips are coated with a peroxide free formula which is completely safe and enamel-friendly. Once applied, the strips are left for 30 mins while the formula absorbs and removes stains, leaving your teeth brighter and whiter. 

Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips are definitely the most effective tooth whitening product I've used to date. And I've used a lot! The strips are really easy to apply, and they stay put once applied too, avoiding any sticky mess! The gel is lightly mint flavored, however teeth whitening is never a completely pleasant experience, these were really no bother at all to use. I used them after brushing my teeth in the morning, while I got myself ready for  the day, and brushed away any gel residue once I was done. 

After the first use, I could really see a difference in the colour and appearance to my teeth and after two weeks the results were awesome. My teeth looked and felt great, with no pain or nasty side effect. If you're looking for brighter and whiter teeth The Mr Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips are really worth trying!  

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USpicy 32 Piece Make up Brush Set

Uspicy make up brushes review 1

Make up brushes are an everyday necessity for most women, but can cost the earth, so when I came across a 32 piece set with a whole heap of 5* reviews, priced at £14.99, I just couldn't say no. An Amazon Best Seller, Uspicy make up brush set comes with 32 brushes and a handy travel brush roll. I've not featured the brush roll, as I didn't think much of it, but it's a nice addition to great set of brushes.

The brushes includes 1 x Eyelash Comb, 1 x Lash Brush, Small Fan Brush, 4 x Eye Shadow Brushes, 1 x Lip Brush, 4 x Concealer Bushes, 1 x Eyeliner Brush, 2 x Eyebrow Brushes, 2 x Nose Shading Brushes, 2 x Angled Contour Brushes, 1 x Angled Eye Shadow Brush, 6 x Large Eye Shadow Brushes and 4 x Powder Brushes.  All of these fantastic brushes make this set perfect for a beginner or anyone wanting to build and bulk out their brush collection.

Uspicy make up brushes review 1

Uspicy make up brushes review 1

I am really impressed with the quality of the USpicy brushes, they're super soft and work product really well, blending smoothly. The brushes are also really durable, the handles are strong and the I've washed mine a couple of time now, and they don't shed or warp. Not bad for £14.99! 

So if you're looking for some great quality brushes to bulk up your brush collection, then the USpicy makeup brush set is definitely worth a look! 

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PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel

PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel
PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel came with the April LoveLula beauty box, if you haven't already seen the post, go and check it out because there were so many great products which I'm super excited to share with you! PHB is a UK based skin care company with 100% natural, organic and vegan products. I love using products on my skin which are natural and good to my skin, so I was so excited to try this baby out.

The PHB Brightening Eye Gel is formulated with Neroli & white birch to boost circulation to rid you of those pesky dark circles, as well as brightening and hydrating the under eye area. PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Gel is a super light gel, requiring only a tiny amount to treat both eye areas. The gel formulation absorbs quickly into the skin, and sits well under concealer and foundation too.

PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel

I've been using the PHB Brightening Eye Gel for around a month now, and I'm really loving it. The product is super cooling and soothing to the eye, and I can use it with confidence as there's no chemicals or nasties. My eyes are really loving the TLC, my dark circles are lifting and my eyes are looking hydrated too! I love it when natural products really work! 

Are you looking for brighter under eyes? I really recommend trying this out! 

What's your favourite eye gel?

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