Tropic Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer

Tropic Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer Review

Tropic Summer Skin is one of those products that every women should have in their arsenal. These days, an all year round tan is as essential as having your roots done. A gorgeous natural looking tan is ultimate accessory, and living in England it's not a natural luxury we're blessed with. So fake tan is one of the only options. 

Tropic Summer Skin is my weapon of choice when keeping my tan topped up through the week. I tend to use a fake tanner once a week, and then use a gradual tanner throughout the week to keep the tan fresh. Tropic Summer skin uses Allo-melanin plant technology to enhance your skins' natural melanin pigment. It's this technology that keeps the tan looking completely natural, instead of a ghastly shade of orange. Tropic Summer skin is also a great moisturiser in it's own right, which helps keep your tan looking fresh for longer, and your skin feeling great! 

Tropic Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer ReviewSounds pretty awesome right? Well wait till you smell this baby, it hands down has the best scent out of all of the gradual tanners I've tried. A exhilarating blend of Coconut Oil and Zest Lime, it feels as if the tropics have come to you! 

Tropic skincare is famed for their commitment to quality, and cruelty free products. Not only that, many of them are completely vegan, and make here in the UK. 

Tropic Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer is one of my go to essentail products for healthy looking tanned skin all year round. Click the link below to check out more of Tropic Skincare's awesome products.

What's your favourite gradual tanner? Or do you love Tropic Summer Skin as much as me?! Let me know in the comments!