A Simplistic Life Project...//

For me this year is all about Simplicity. Simplifying my busy and cluttered life. With a Wedding on the way, I simply don't have the capacity to be bothering with anything other than what's absolutely necessary. So I'm embarking on a year long, Simplistic Life Project, where I hope to focus on a number of areas of my life that really need decluttering. The Simple Life Project will include; decluttering my home, my mind and my diet, as well as any other areas I discover along the way.

Decluttering and having a more simplistic lifestyle isn't about just throwing stuff out, it's about considering what you really need, what you don't need and what really matters to you. It's about recognising that we live in a society that is obsessed with possessions, and having more 'stuff'. Our lives are often so busy that we neglect to look after what's going on inside of our own mind and look after our own mental health. And similarly, our diets are all over the place.

The main goal of this project is to achieve a renewed sense of peace with the environment I live in, as well as a new peace with myself and my body. I'm after a lifestyle change, where I'm focusing on health and wellness. I'm going to be posting updates and elements of the project as I go, so I hope that you will join me! Let me know down in the comments if you're up for a Simplified life!