NEXT Beauty Event 2016...//

Earlier this week, NEXT hosted a beauty event for bloggers to come and have a play with their range of affordable beauty products. Along with the champagne and canap├ęs we were treated to makeovers and manicures, before gathering in to watch the lovely Lydia Millen show the products in action, with two live tutorials. 

The products themselves are pretty exciting. Anything affordable gets me excited these days - cause really, do you need to spend £100000000 on a lipstick? No. Just no. It's great to see some house hold names stepping up their game in the beauty world. And with a new skincare range on it's way, I feel that NEXT is going to be one to watch in the high street beauty game.

The range is pretty diverse, from lipsticks to nail polish, they've really covered all basis. I have always adored NEXT fragrance range, such great staying power compared to other higher end brands. A surprise was the quality of their new lipstick range, both creamy and pigmented - I highly recommend giving them a swatch next time you're in store! I'm also enjoying the Ink Liner in brown, which makes flicks so easy! I've used both of these goodies in my newest video, so be sure to check it out before to see them in action! 

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Have you tried out NEXT beauty range? What's your favourite?