Mineral Foundation... LilyLolo... Vegan Beauty...//

I got a super excited when I came across LilyLolo. A fully organic and vegan cosmetics brand offering an awesome ranger of products at super affordable prices. After recently transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, the importance of good organic, and cruelty free cosmetics has never been greater for me. I've always believed that organic and vegan products mean healthy and clear skin!

LilyLolo offer a great range of products, from primers to setting sprays and everything in between. What really caught my eye was their range of Mineral foundations. If you follow my blog, then you're well aware of my obsession with Inika's mineral foundation - I've used it loyally for over 2 years now, finding no other product that could even come close!  So I was so excited to experiment with LilyLolo's range or mineral foundations.

LilyLolo offer sample pots of their mineral foundations, so you can test our the colour ranges before investing in the full size product. This is an amazing bonus, as we've all experienced that gutting feeling when an expensive new foundation just doesn't work out.

With a heap of shades to choose from, I ordered myself a some testers to try out. I'm still trying out the range at the moment, but my first impressions are really positive! The finish of the foundations are beautiful, matte and light to mid coverage. Perfect for spring!

I'll update you with how I get on with a full review shortly, so stay tuned!  But if you're looking to try something new and cruelty free, I recommend to check out their website! 

NEXT Beauty Event 2016...//

Earlier this week, NEXT hosted a beauty event for bloggers to come and have a play with their range of affordable beauty products. Along with the champagne and canap├ęs we were treated to makeovers and manicures, before gathering in to watch the lovely Lydia Millen show the products in action, with two live tutorials. 

The products themselves are pretty exciting. Anything affordable gets me excited these days - cause really, do you need to spend £100000000 on a lipstick? No. Just no. It's great to see some house hold names stepping up their game in the beauty world. And with a new skincare range on it's way, I feel that NEXT is going to be one to watch in the high street beauty game.

The range is pretty diverse, from lipsticks to nail polish, they've really covered all basis. I have always adored NEXT fragrance range, such great staying power compared to other higher end brands. A surprise was the quality of their new lipstick range, both creamy and pigmented - I highly recommend giving them a swatch next time you're in store! I'm also enjoying the Ink Liner in brown, which makes flicks so easy! I've used both of these goodies in my newest video, so be sure to check it out before to see them in action! 

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Have you tried out NEXT beauty range? What's your favourite?

Summer 2016 Ultimate Travel Wish List ...//

I'm currently sat in my London apartment, submerged in blankets, freezing my butt off - so I've pulled together my wish list of travel destinations in an attempt to cheer myself up! Once a traveler, always a traveler. Nothing makes me happier than escaping real life, grabbing my sunnies and jumping on a plane. Exploring new places, new culture, new food - for me, that's what life is all about. So here's the top 5 destinations on my wish list for 2016:

1. Langkawi. After seeing Louis Cole's videos over Christmas, this small island collection of 99 islands is the top of my list. Located on the West coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is a tropical paradise  with a heap of tiny islands to explore, white sandy beaches and jungle.

2. Barcelona. The best of all  European cities in my books. I visited Barcelona when I was an art student many moons ago, and it has forever since been one of my faves. A visit is long overdue!  For the love of Gaudi, and the stunning architecture, for the love of endless boutique shopping and coffee breaks. And when you're bored of that, if it we're possible, there's over 4km of golden sandy beaches and warm ocean to enjoy.

3. Oslo. Every hipster and his tash seem to be heading to Oslo at the moment, and I want in! Bursting at the seams with world-class museums and galleries, while boasting some of Norway's most impressive works of architecture. With return flights for around £70, Oslo is the perfect weekend getaway!

4. Sri Lanka. We haven't chosen a honeymoon location yet, but Sri Lanka is for sure on the short list! Beaches and history galore, Sri Lanka makes the perfect travel destination for anyone with a love of long days and longer nights.

5. Santorini. After our trip to Mykonos last summer, my love affair with Greece continues. We've actually just booked our flights to Santorini for our close friend's wedding, and I'm SUPER excited! I cannot wait to dip my toes in the crystal ocean.  

Travel is a way of life, and it doesn't take too long after a trip for me to get itchy feet again. Hopefully in 2016 I get to visit some of these ultimate travel destinations! What's on your wishlist this year?

Photo Credits:  Santorini // Langkawi // Sri Lanka // Barcelona // Oslo 

Dove ... Advance Hair Regenerate Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner...//

Dove Advance Hair Regenerate Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner, they have been an absolute God send for my hair! I discovered the new range of Dove hair products on a recent mooch in Boots, which are always a dangerous activity! I picked up the Regenerate Nourishment formula for damaged and extremely distressed hair. While my hair isn't extremely distressed to look at, it's actually endured endless colouring, bleaching, and with my new found love of heated rollers (tutorial here), my hair definitely needed a little love. 
Formulated with Algae complex and Keratin Nutri Complex (sounds fancy), the Dove Regenerate shampoo and conditions work to deeply nourish hair, leaving it smooth and strong. And my gosh does it work! Literally my hair is so soft, I can only compare it to the feeling after having a salon treatment. 

These are now a complete must have for my shower now, have you tried the new Dove Advance Hair Series? Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to see if the other formulations are just as good! You can pick up your own at Boots or Superdrug! 

Cruelty Free Beauty Brands...//

Trying to figure out which brands are cruelty free while browsing the beauty isles? I've put together this super simple list of Brands with profess to being Cruelty free! This is no way and exhaustive list,  I'm sure there's loads more! Which is so encouraging! We should be encouraging cosmetic companies to move away from animal testing and the use of animal products!

Let me know in the comments if I've missed any and I'll maybe do an updated version in the future!

Flawless by Sonya...// Perfect Pair Eye Shadow Duo...// Vegan Beauty

Flawless by Sonya is a cruelty free, organic and vegan beauty range which was recommended to me by a friend just before Christmas. Out of the range, this beautiful eyeshadow really stood out for me.  Sand Dune Perfect Pair Eyeshadow is a gorgeous bronzed duo perfect for that everyday bronzed smokey eye. 

The shadows themselves are finely milled with a subtle gold shimmer running through the sand colour of the two. This shade blends beautifully all over the lid so softly. The texture is really rich and long lasting too. The chocolate shade leans more to a matt finish, with only a hint of shimmer. This shade is super pigmented too, literally a tap on the brush is enough to smoke out the crease. 

The duo are really beautiful, ant I find myself reaching for the Sand Dune duo quite often, it's a great all rounder to keep on hand for a natural everyday look, and a sexy smokey eye by layering the chocolate shade to really smoke it out. 

I totally recommend Flawless by Sonya for anyone looking for a great product which is totally vegan and cruelty free! 

Check out the Flawless by Sonya range here

Vegan Mexican Bean Quinoa...//

I've recently been exploring the world of Veganism. I say 'exploring' because I'm not gung-ho on the whole thing just yet. I'd be more comfortable to describe the lifestyle I'm aspiring to as; 'Plant based', rather than Vegan, as I'm initially exploring it for the health benefits and weight loss, rather than the animal and environmental benefits. Which I totally get, and support - it's just not my main driving factor. Hate if you want.... go for it. 

One recipe I've fallen in love with is this super tasty Mexican bean Quinoa. I have literally made this disk like 5 times since I discovered it. And it's packed fill of awesome nutrients and protein, as well as being super easy and easy to make. 

Here's what you'll need:
1.5 cup Quinoa
3 Spring onions
1 Bell Pepper
1 can Kidney Beans
1 can Sweetcorn
4 Tomato
1.5 Tsp Cumin
1 Tsp Paprika
1 Tsp Chilli Powder

You can throw in anything else you fancy - I like to add mushrooms, hot sauce, nutritional yeast. Or even try avocado, black beans, chickpeas, or anything else you have laying around. 

How to make it:
1. Make Quinoa - Watch this video for the perfect quinoa every time.
2. Prepare the veggies - Chop up all the raw veggies and toss them in to a medium heated and oiled pan. I like to use coconut oil - but it's totally up to you. 
3. Rinse the canned ingredients - Open the cans of beans and corn and rinse them with water before adding to the pan.
4. Combine and cook - Add the quinoa along with the dry spices and cook together for 10-15mins, or until raw veggies are cooked. 
5. Serve as desired - I like to add some Franks Hot Sauce and some nutritional yeast to add a slight cheesy flavour. 

This dish is so great to make in bulk and reheat through the week. I take it to work, add it to fajitas or use it on top of a sweet potato.