Where I left off... //

I have the sudden urge to write. I need to get down my thoughts on to digital paper to help me figure myself out. I probably wont edit this post, as that sort of ruins the point of simple expression. So excuse the terrible grammar and gibberish. 

I haven't posted a real blog post in so long. Since before Christmas actually. And it's sort of difficult to pinpoint one reason why. Now every blogger takes time off from time to time, the more experienced of us would plan ahead and create content to fill the void on our sites. But me, nope - my enthusiasm just dried up. 

I started writing about beauty nearly 4 years ago, and during that time, I was at uni, I was lonely and I was lost. Writing online, as it still is today, an outlet of that sullen silence and that agonising loneliness which is often inside my head. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I just go fed up of my content. It felt shallow, superficial and basically a load of nonsense. But this, I have now learned was nothing to do with the subject matter, but the state of mind in which I was existing at the time. More often that not I felt my efforts were fruitless, and with my offline career gaining momentum, I really didn't have the energy. You see, I'm a goals and results type of person. I need to have clear and concise goals, and I need to see change and progress. Without it, I'm left unenthused, and discouraged. 

I wonder if any of you ever feel like that with life? With your business? With your blog?

It totally sucks. So eventually you lose heart. Even though I still love all things beauty, and products and all the things that go along with living a health and passionate lifestyle - I was all out of energy. So I'm not really sure what this post achieves, and I'm not sure if it even makes sense. I haven't had a sudden epiphany, or life changing realisation. I'm simply reflecting over my journey, and attempting to pick up where I left off.