Autumn Winter Petite Style

The BEST Vegan Protein Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

 BEST Vegan Protein Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Arbonne Vanilla protein
While the boys chow down on bacon rolls, my go to breakfast at the moment are smoothie bowls. Smoothie bowls are a great way to get in your fruits and protein to start the day in the best way possible! I've been experimenting with different combinations to find the ultimate breakfast smoothie bowl. And guys... I think this is it... 

Autumn Walking

Hey guys! I cannot believe it's Friday again already! This week has gone SO quickly. I'm starting to settle into the rhythm of my new job, and I am loving it. It's so great to be finally working in an area that I have a true passion for! I have a super team, which makes it even more worth while! But truthfully, I'm exhausted, and so happy the weekend is here again! I plan on spending the weekend chilling out with my husband and working on some very exciting project to come soon!!

I also hope to squeeze in some autumn walks, in cosy jumpers and winter booties...

How to be a more influential blogger

Influence is a huge factor when it comes to being a successful blogger, particularly if you're moving towards blogging professionally. Readers need to know that reading your content and opinions, is not a waste of time. And you also, want to know that when you're publishing content, people are going to listen to you, and its not subsequently a waste of your time. 

Next - Eau Nude Perfume

NEXT Eau Nude Perfume Chanel Mademoiselle Dupe
Hey guys! I'm breaking my streak of Travel, Style and Lifestyle posts, and brining back a good old fashioned beauty post! Chanel Mademoiselle is officially the most popular women's scent in the world. And I can see why, Mademoiselle is a beautifully crafted scent and extremely versatile, suitable for every age group and every occasion. So it actually makes the perfect gift from any woman in your life. It's my go-to daily scent. The only problem is the price. Now I totally believe that you should spend good money on items like perfume, bags and shoes. On the whole, you definitely get what you pay for... but there's an exception...

Chelsea styling, London 2016

Hey guys! It seems that last weekend was the last of our sunshine, London is in full swing into the fall. I love switching out my wardrobe for the colder months, but it's also fun to play with styles during the transitions.

Santorini Vibes

Santorini was the first part of our honeymoon, I've convinced my hubby that we should go away again in the next couple of months. We were so blessed to be spending time with our good friends from when we lived in Sydney. We rented quad bikes, went exploring, and drank far too many G&Ts! Vacations with friends are the best. When we're together, the drinks flow like rain!

Good friends, a cold G&T, a dip in the pool along with this view... who could ask for more?  

Fall Styling London 2016

Claire Durrant London Hipster Style
After a crazy month, of weddings and travelling,  it feels so great to be back in London again! I have a love hate relationship with London, you see, I'm a country girl at heart. I love nothing more that opening the back door and jumping on a bike to explore, I love the quiet too. But while I'm young and able, as they say, I'm getting my hicks in the big city. Fall and the Christmas are by far my favourite seasons to be in the city. I love watching the leaves change colour, and all the streets light up for the festivities! 

Ocean Views : Santorini

Despite carelessly getting the worst sunburn on our previous day's hike, nothing could keep me away from this view. Fira town in Santorini holds some of the best views of the volcano and makes for the perfect spot to watch the ocean go by. But I highly recommend wearing sunscreen! I spent the rest of the trip trying to rid myself of these horrible tan lines.

Urban Decay Vice Metallized Lipstick - Amulet

Claire Durrant Urban Decay Vice Metallized Lipstick - Amulet

I love a good sample, and after spending a small fortune at the Urban Decay counter before the wedding, I was thrilled nice girl at the counter threw in some epic samples too! I received the cutest travel size De Slick setting spray, and this epic Vice lipstick sampler. I've been having so much fun trying out new shades, and I've definitely found my new signature fall shade for this year.   

Santorini Exploring

Just days after our Wedding, we jumped on a plane to join our friends to celebrate their big day. Destination wedding are the best, not only do you get to be a part of their day but you get to explore a new place too. After getting engaged in Mykonos (more here & here), my love affair with Greek Islands has only become more encompassing. So I was totally stoked to be headed to the beautiful island of Santorini. 

Declutter Your Inbox

Decluttering my Inbox is the first task I tackled as part of my Simplistic Life Project. It's something that's so simple to do, but something I never get round to doing. I'm literally that person with over 3000 unread emails! But with Simplicity in mind I choose to believe a Clear Inbox = a Clear Mind! Wouldn't you like to have an inbox which only contained information and communications that  you actually wanted? So here's 5 quick ways to declutter your inbox! 

A Clear Inbox = A Clear Mind! 

5 Quick & Easy Blog Post Ideas...//

Quick and easy blog post ideas can save the day when you've got writers bloggers block. We've all been there, it's often a struggle to come up with unique and original content for your readers multiple times a week! So here are 5 super quick and easy blog post ideas to keep your blog on schedule!

Richmond Roaming

While we enjoy the come-down after our wedding, we have another week to relax in London before we jet off for a week in the sun, and more wedding festivities. The weather here in London is coming up trumps, perfect for a morning walk along the river in Richmond. Also a great excuse to play with our new camera. Enjoy! x

Our Wedding Day // Easton Grange Wedding Venue

September 10th 2016, I married the man of my dreams, here's a sneak peak of the best day of our lives.  Many more to come.. 

Little tricks all bloggers should know

blogging tips

I love to share my tips and tricks with you, and that basically what this blog is becoming more and more about. Sharing information and advice on how you can get the most out of your blog or business! Here's 3 little tricks which all bloggers should know... 

Content Marketing - Automated Content Sharing

Content Marketing - Automated Content Sharing

Automated Content Sharing seems a little daunting at first. The words themselves look and feel a bit ugly ugly, but whether you like it or not, automated sharing is quickly becoming a must for even the smallest of blogs. 

Protein World Slender Blend Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

The wedding diet is in full swing. So I started off this morning with my favourite breakfast smoothie bowls. It's a super simple way to super charge your morning with proteins and fruits. My favourite blend is; 1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 cup frozen raspberries, 1 serving Protein World: Slender Blend Protein, 1/2 cup coconut milk. Simply chuck all the ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth before pouring into a bowl. I then top my smoothie bowl with a mixed granola, chia seeds and blue berries. The best start to the morning!

Purpose, Coffee & Wifi - Starting your own business

Female entrepreneurs Blogging tips

Female entrepreneurs seems to be springing up from everywhere at the moment. I don't know if it's something in that water, but it definitely seems like something is stirring within the female community which I've not experienced before. But whatever it is, it's really exciting to be be a part of.  Needless to say, I too have been bitten with the ambition bug and I'm getting ready to launch my new business website in the next coming weeks. eeek! Women around me are talking about dreams of running their own businesses, and being their own boss. I'm well and truly seated on that band-waggon. Come join?

Marco Polo by the River

After taking a few snaps, we headed to our favourite hidden gem. Marco Polo by the river in Wandsworth is the perfect spot for summer time drinks or dinner with friends. Marco Polo is an Italian restaurant with some of the most authentic pizzas I've tasted in London, coupled with a fruity cocktail, or a superb glass of wine, it's never a bad night. 

Little Tricks All Bloggers Should Know: Part 2

Everyone loves a little tip or trick, especially when it improves your blog! In my last Little Tricks post, we talked about naming your images correctly, utilizing share buttons, and being consistent. That post was actually really popular with you guys so, I figured Part 2 was in order, so here's some more little tricks every blogger should know! 

Bank Holiday Style

High Waist Comfort

Another outfit post for you guys, I'm really enjoying sharing my styling habits at the moment. I've not always been that keen on 'on-trend' items, but the high waist boyfriend jeans trend it just far to comfy to pass up! I found these gorgeous distressed pair of high waisted jean in H&M this past weekend, similar below, and they are just so comfortable! High waists are great for making you feel confident and covers all those lumps and bumps. 

I teamed these jeans with a sweet ruffled body suit, below. This looks is super easy to dress down with a pair of converse, or dress up like I've done here with a pair of statement heels! I've found a similar style for you too, and they're on sale! Even better! Neon pink makes everything better! 


Neon Love

I spent last weekend back at home with my parents doing all sort of Wedding prep! Only 6 weeks to go an I cannot wait! Although of course we were very busy, but we were able to squeeze in some sun baking between dress fittings, perfect!  These cutie tailored shorts are so comfortable and easy to wear, the perfect thing for lounging around in the sun. Any excuse to wear neon - I'm there!  I'm also secretly excited that this is the first summer since I was like 8 that I've been able to wear a crop top! Eeeeek, Thank you wedding diet!  

Pokemon Hunting

It's far too hot in the house this evening, the perfect excuse to get out the holiday wardrobe and go Pokemon hunting! Are you guys as lame as us?! This playsuit is an all time fave for me, to be honest anything in navy is a fave, if you hadn't already noticed. This piece is a couple years old now, but I've found some really great options for you to check out! The perfect summer evening outfit, cute and super comfy! Shop the look below >>

Let's be friends darling...

La Roche-Posay Sun protection

During the summer, I have to keep an eye on my skin's exposure to the sun. I'm naturally very pale and my skin is very sensitive - so I burn super quickly! The problem is that I adore the heat and spend my summer hours soaking up the sun reading a good book! The last thing I want is to feel the sting of sunburn so I make it a priority to ensure that my skin is protected from the sun always, I can fake tan later! 

I've spoken before about my love for the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti shine tinted dry touch gel, I love to wear it as a primer most days, but on these hot afternoons it's perfect on it's own. It's Super light and absorbant with a light coverage and SPF 50+.  Sticking with the SPF 50+ for my body, the Anthelios XL comfort cream is the none greasy and great  keep my skin soft and hydrated in the sun.

Here are my top picks for staying protected and cool this summer.. 

Let's be friends darling...

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation is a new addition to my collection. As I have oily skin, I'm not usually a fan of liquid foundation, but with the promise of 24 hour wear with a flawless mat finish - I'm in! I'm wearing the shade Vanilla, the line is mostly yellow toned, so this shade is not a perfect match for me, but it's close enough. Worth bearing in mind if you're gunna give it a go. 

The consistency is super light and medium coverage, and sets to a powder finish. I apply the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer, and apply the foundation lightly with Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. The wear time isn't 24hours, it never really is is it?! But it's pretty great for a drugstore product. After about 5 hours, a powder top up is necessary keep my oil at bay. 

The Bourjois Air Mat Foundation is my pick for lazy days for a light coverage and quick application are a necessity. Matte foundations are so hard to come by in the drug store, so if you're in the market, I recommend giving it a go! 

Let's be friends darling...

Summer Nights

We headed out for a drink in the evening sun last night, it's great to have time to fit in a date night every once and a while. With all this wedding planning it's so difficult to find the time. The balmy evening meant that it was perfectly acceptable to rock these cute distressed shorts. And these heels are perfect for casual summer nights.

Mykonos memories..

I seems that everyone and their cat is heading to the white shores of  the Greek Islands this year. I was lucky enough to get engaged on the shores of Mykonos last summer, and I'll be heading to Santorini to celebrate my marriage in just over 2 months now! Eeeeek! It's so soon! 

Even though I'm going very soon, I have HUGE holiday envy every time I scroll down my Insta feed. So to tide me over, I'm sharing a super chilled summer look I rocked in Mykonos last year. 

I can almost feel the sun on my skin... 

Let me know where you're heading this year in the comments below! 

Let's be friends darling...

Navy days

Thank God for beautiful sunny days like today! Walks in the sunshine and twirling in the park fill my heart with joy! Plus I'm totally in love with this dress from ASOS. I've worn it constantly since I got it, the perfect combo of pretty pleats and a flattering neck line! Hope you're finding a way to escape in the sunshine too ... 


Let's be friends darling...

Putney Waterfront

I've been gone a little while, working on building my business. But I thought I'd stop by to share this super cute outfit I wore whilst strolling along Putney waterfront this weekend. It's such a treat for the weather to be so kind to us this weekend. We spend our morning wondering around Putney Market, before heading to Richmond for a spot of window shopping. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend... it's good to be back! 

Let's be friends darling...

Dress to Impress - What to wear to an interview?

It takes under 30 seconds for the average interviewing manager to decide whether or not to hire a candidate. When in professional situations its VITAL to make that first impression, the right one. There's a variety ways to make a good impression, from good knowledge, to a firm handshake. But when 75% of all hiring managers believe that the top interview mistake is wearing inappropriate attire - I figured that was a good place to start. 

Dressing appropriately for an interview, isn't a once size fits all formula. Firstly, consider what type of role you're interviewing for, the style of the role should influence you choices of interview attire. Creative roles, are typically more casual, where as corporate business roles demand a little more formality. To make it simpler, let's limit it to 3 categories; Casual, Business Casual and Formal.

For those casual interviews, it's important to keep your look comfortable but presentable. Keep the bottom half business and the party on the top. Opt for clean lines, with a pop of colour which flows through your outfit. 

Jacket // Top // Chinos // Pumps // Earrings 

Business casual
Stick to muted colours and classic styles for a stylish Business Casual look. Throw in some cute accessories to show your personality, and a simple nude heel to finish it off.  

Step up your game for a formal interview with a great pair of tailored trousers and a silk blouse. Black is a really safe colour, you can't go wrong with a great pair of black pumps and structured bag. Soften the look with a cute bow collar. 

Now your outfit's sorted, here's my top 5 tips for rocking your interview:

1. Keep it simple - simple outfits are easier to polish and maintain throughout the day
2. Avoid denim - at all costs
3.Be fragrant - the human brain remembers scent, a good scent can make you memorable
4.Details - Polish up your Nails, hair & make up. These small things can really make a difference
5. Smile - don't let your interview nerves overcome you, remember to smile.