Irresistible Me - Royal Remy Hair Extensions

I'd never actually used hair extensions, so for me this was a whole new experience. I've been lead to believe that hair extensions were high-maintenance, damaging and totally unconvincing. We've all seen the horrors of terrible extensions, and honey, that ain't pretty. 

So when Irresistible Me approached me with the promise of thick glorious, natural hair, my curiosity got the better of me. My hair isn't particularly short, but it is very thin, and lacking in body, so with the promise of thick glorious locks, I placed an order with Irresistible Me.

Irresistible Me offers a whole range of Human Remy clip in extensions, with over 13 shades and 6 different styles of hair to choose from. You're bound to find something that suits you but If you're not sure what to go for, check out this super helpful video which shows you exactly what you're getting.

I was super impressed with the service from Irresistible Me, my order arrived just over a week after I placed my order, which is incredible as they came all the way from the US. Free international shipping I must add! 

The extensions came beautifully packaged in a sturdy box, and the extensions themselves came bundled up in a sealed foil bag with two sections. One section contain a sample clip in, allowing you to try the hair and check the hair and colour before you commit to keeping the whole lot. If you're not happy with the colour, you can return your order for a replacement, or go ahead and open the main section of the extensions. 

I chose 20 inches of Royal Remy Platinum Blonde clip-in extensions, with a weight of 200g. I couldn't of been happier with my choice. Although in hindsight, I should of got a few more inches! The colour was a great match with a beautiful mix of tones and highlights making the hair look completely natural. The hair itself is fantastic quality, super soft and also super strong, making it so easy to maintain and look after.

I was really impressed with the fixings of the extensions too, the  received 10 clip-in sections, of varied width and weight, which are easy to disperse throughout your hair, creating a natural and even look. The clips themselves are a simple pop in and out mechanism securely fixed to the base of the hair. There's also a couple of spare clips just in case. 

If hope you'll agree, the before an after is incredible. I was really shocked by how great these really looked. Often extensions can look really obvious and bulky, but the Irresistible Me extensions lie flat and blend beautifully with your own hair. As well as looking natural, they feel great too. Not too heavy or too scratchy.

Being all natural hair, the Irresistible me extensions can be styled just as your own hair. I really love to curl the ends of mine with a wand, or straighten out for a sleeker look. Your options are endless when it comes to styling. Just wash out when you're done. 

So if you're like me, and skeptical about extensions, I suggest you give the Irresistible Me clip-in extensions a go. Just head over to and see for yourself!