7 things not to do now you're engaged

Being engaged has to be one of the most exciting time of my life. The romance, the excitement, the planning and celebrations, there's just so much going on! Previously, I shared 7 things to do after you get engaged, but I thought it may be useful to share somethings I've learnt along the way too; 7 things not to do now you're engaged!

1. Flaunt it.
Obviously, you're over the moon with excitement. You've met your prince charming and he's asked you to marry him! You are completely within your right to celebrate and share your joy and excitement with those around you. But take a moment to spare a thought for those around you who aren't in your position. Your single friends and family members, I'm sure are no less happy for you, but news of your engagement may be upsetting for them personally. Seeing you enjoy a moment that they long to have themselves. So be conscious not to flaunt your ring about and be mindful of the feelings of those around you.

2. Pick your bridal party too soon. 
As wedding planning starts to kick in, naturally you'll want to get your friends involved. You may even consider who you will ask to be your bridesmaids for your big day. However, I would advise not picking your bridal party too soon, take time to consider exactly who you want there with you on your big day and choose wisely. Also, if you're not planning to get married for a few years, then wait a while before choosing your maids. Friends can change and people come and go, you might not see it happening now, but once you ask you can't really un-ask. So take your time with this one.

3. Tell FaceBook before your family. 
I touched on this in my 7 things to do after you get engaged post and I feel compelled to reliterate my point. Your parents do not want to find out about you getting engaged over Facebook! So make sure you get in contact with close family first, even if this means holding off on the big social media announcement for a day or two!

4. Overshare. 
When wedding planning is in full swings, it's so tempting to share all your ideas and pretty plans on social media. I have to hold myself back from tweeting dresses and table settings, trust me it's so much harder than it sounds. Make sure you keep as much to yourself as you can, so you're guests are surprised once they arrive. You'll have plenty of time to share you're beautiful wedding photos after your big day!

5. Add extra stress. 
Don't buy a house, get a puppy or change your job. Unless you're in a position where you have to make a big change in your life, try to hold off on any big decisions during the lead up to your wedding. Planning and organising a wedding is complicated enough without adding any extra stress of distractions to your life.

6. Crash diet. 
We all want to look picture perfect on our wedding days. Most brides will start some sort of diet or workout schedule in an effort to look their best on their wedding day, but crash dieting is not the way. Choose a healthy eating plan and regular exercise to reach your wedding body goals. Crash diets are dangerous and unhealthy, so avoid those faddy liquid diets, and anything that puts stress on your body.

7. Rush everything. 
Engagement and wedding planning is such a special time, that will go by so quickly if you don't savour it. Don't rush to make all the decisions right now, take time to really thing through what you want and what you need to make your day perfect. Enjoy every moment, while you can.

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