The best Morning Yoga Videos

With a wedding on the way, I want to be looking my best and feeling my best. The endless celebrations leading up to the big day are more than enough excuse to get back into shape. I used to be a gym addict, spending all my free time sweating my bum off on the rowing machine. However, those days are far behind me and I've let my body hang a little too lose for my liking.

Starting slow, to ease myself back in to the swing of things and exercising regularly, I've started a morning yoga practise. The best part about yoga is that you can do it anywhere, and my living room makes the perfect studio. I set up my mat and follow an instructor via YouTube. I've really been loving the freedom of choosing my practise and making it work around my schedule, so I decided to share with you some of my favourite YouTube Yogis.

So go ahead and grab a big mug of coffee, or water. And relax and start your morning off right.