DIY Wedding Planner

The next best thing after getting engaged is all the planning. To me this means stationary. For some reason I think all women have a strange addiction to buying pretty, mostly unnecessary, stationary. However, when planning a wedding all those pretty pens and post-its are a total necessity. 

The first thing on my list to purchase was a Wedding Planner. I searched for days looking for a planner which was cute, functional and affordable. My search was in vain, nothing seemed right or if it did, it cost more than the wedding itself! So I figured, why not make my own? So that's exactly what I did. 

Imagine you're back at school and working on a project, take yourself to your nearest stationary store and they'll have everything you need to make your perfect wedding planner. The best part of making your own means you can choose exactly what goes in it. You can make your own sections, and personalise it to perfection! 

The basics you will need:
A binder (preferably white, of course)
Notepad (punched)
Hole puncher 
Use of a printer
Pens and Markers

Added extras:
Anything to make your planner pretty

I picked up a super cheap white binder and got to work. The front plate I printed from photoshop and mounted on some handmade textured paper with this super cute washi. You can design whatever front plate you like, and slip it in the front pocket of your binder. 

I wanted the first page of my planner to be simple but pretty. This plate I made super easily with water colour and marker pen. 

I also picked up these simple file dividers to keep everything organised. I added a more glamours touch to the dividers by tabbing them with gold card. The sections I chose to use were; Calendar, Guest List, Budget, Bridal Party, Reception, Ceremony and Inspiration. I simply wrote these on in thin black marker. 

There are hundreds of great free printables to help you build you own DIY wedding planner, print them out, and punch them to fit into your binder. Here are some great examples to get you started: 

Calendar: Here & here
Guest List: Here  & here
Budget: Here  
Check List: Here & here 

My favourite tab has to be the inspiration tab, somewhere to make note of all those ideas and pretty pictures. I just can't get enough! I spend hours flicking through bridal magazines and cutting out everything I like the look of, things to remember and things to order. 

I've used simple note pad paper, as the holes are already there, and washi to create collages of everything I love! 

Now where to keep all that pretty stationary? I grabbed a small A5 pocket with a popper and punched holes in the side, and slipped it right at the back of the planner. That way I can plan on the go with everything I need tucked safely inside. 

Happy planning!