Choosing a killer Blog name

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Choosing a Blog name is a big decision when creating a blog, and it's important to get it right. It's can be a daunting task trying to choose a name for your blog, but don't fret - here are some tips for choosing a killer blog name. 

Grab a note book and list all the topics and themes your blog will focus on. Use these themes as a guide while you're choosing your blog name, this is a great way to focus your thoughts and creativity. You want your name to reflect the tone and content of your blog, as well as representing your niche.

Audience Consider they audience you're writing for, are they mainly men? women? maybe both? How old are your readers likely to be? Once you know who you are writing for it's so much easier to black mark those names that just won't work. For example - 'Teen Beauty Blog' isn't going to work for an audience of 30 somethings.

Room to grow I made the mistake of choosing a name when I first created my blog which I out-grew three years later.  Ultimately this resulted in weeks of re-branding and re-designing work. If you're currently re-branding  your blog, check out my top tips for Re-branding your blog. So it's important to choose a name that can transition with room to grow with you. Try to stay away from dates for example, 'Beauty buys 2015' for example isn't going to be much use in 2016.

Avoid the obvious With thousands of blogs online these days, it's so important to stick out from the crowd. Go and grab yourself a thesaurus or head to the virtual version here. Using a thesaurus will open your mind to a variety of words that you can use. For example, the word 'beauty' can be substituted for 'allure', 'symmetry' or even 'grace'.

Inspiration Grab a stack of magazines or books from your shelves and start reading. The written word is beautiful, and can be a great source of inspiration. Talented writers and authors know how to use fascinating and emotive language to speak the their audience. Pay attention to the type of words they use and how they put them together. Use this as inspiration for your own blog name.

Competition Knowing your competition doesn't mean that you're copying or mimicking their blog name, you're simply doing your research. Check out the blogs that you love to read and look at their titles, use this to inform your own name choice. What makes their name memorable? What images does the name bring to mind?

Pressure I spent weeks and weeks trying to think of a new blog name, firing all sorts of crazy names at my boyfriend seeking approval, but nothing really worked. I put myself under so much pressure to come up with a really awesome and memorable blog name that I just couldn't do it. Oh but darling came to me when I wasn't even thinking about blogging - I was actually running around at work and bing! So my biggest tip is to relax, and don't pressure yourself. The right blog name will come to you, even when you're not even trying.