Mission Statement

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I've been running a blog now for over 4 years, and my content has been focused around sharing my indulgences in pretty lipsticks, new shoes and the occasional health kick, but after 4 years I've found it harder and harder to find any integrity in my writing.

It was like I woke up one day and was like, 'damn gurrrrl, there's more to life than lipstick'. I've found that over the last few months that the consumerism and the self seeking nature of my blog was saddening, and un-for-filling. I had the sense that I simply just had more to give. 

It's not that I don't have an obsessive compulsion to by lipstick, believe me I do, and I doubt that will ever change. My focus and my passions have just shifted. Don't get me wrong theres nothing bad about writing about what you love, even if that is lipstick and mascara. I'm not making judgements on other bloggers who write about beauty.  There is so much good that comes of them through networking and that sharing of information. It was reading beauty blogs which ignited my passion for blogging and writing. 

I started to question myself, and my motives. What am I really passionate about? I found that I get the most pleasure when I can help others. I love to see people succeed, I am over come with excitement when I listen to my friend's hopes and dreams for the future. I can't help but delight in their dreams and do whatever I can to help the achieve them. I'm a dreamer myself, with more crazy ideas that I know what to do with, so if you're a dreamer, you're in good company. 

In re-banding and refocusing my blog, I aim to provide informative and encouraging content, to help you achieve your dreams, just as I work to achieve my own. So if you're a dreamer, entrepreneur or just wanting to learn, I'd love to get to know you and work with you and help you achieve your dreams!