Lifestyle | Good Morning Smoothie

Given the choice, I'll always opt for a grab and go breakfast in the morning. Something that I can throw in my bag while I'm running out of the door. However, this does tend to lead to some bad eating habits, including the odd choccy croissant or pastry.  So I've started a new habit! Good morning smoothies! 

Super easy, super healthy and super tasty too. I tend to make my smoothie the night before, you can even make them in batches so you're ready for the whole week ahead! The steps are simple; take some frozen fruit, I've gone for mango and raspberries, but you can go for whatever floats your boat. Throw in a banana, some organic OJ and blend. We're done. 

To add some more bulk I sometimes blend in a handful of rolled oats before, or for an extra creamy smoothie add yoghurt or half an avocado. You can really make whatever you like, I like to add pineapple and spinach somedays too! 

I love using 0.5 Litre Kilner Preserve Jars to store and transport my smoothies. Not only looking cute as hell, they're also super practical. The vacuum seal lid makes for no spills and ultimate freshness! 

Let me know what your favourite Good Morning Smoothie is!