Lifestyle | Flatford Mill

During our Valentine's weekend away (see post here), we stopped by the famous Flatford mill, maintained by the Natural Trust. Flatford Mill in Suffolk is set on the bands of the River Stour, instantly recognizable as the focus of so many John Constable painting. We took full advantage of a bright and almost warm morning and went exploring...  

It's so lovely to know that this beauty of a place is only about an hour away from London. The perfect place to escape the busy city, for a few days relaxing and exploring. We stayed in the most beautiful barn conversion not far from Flatford, you can check out the barn here

If know you your art, which I can't claim to myself, I'm informed that this setting is almost identical to the John Constable paintings from the 1700s. I just love how tranquil this place is, it's like stepping back in time to when life went at a much slower pace and everything was just simpler. 

Someone find me a time-machine! 


Take a break from the city  - go exploring!