Beauty | La Roche Posay : Athelios launch event with #Skinchecker

To celebrate the launch of their new Anthelios range , La Roche Posay hosted a press and blogger event last week at Rook and Raven Gallery, London.  With competitions, yummy cocktails and complementary manicures, the evening was a focus launch of their new #Skinchecker campaign. 

A recent survey showed that only 1 in 2 people have ever had their moles checked by a dermatologist and with so few of us actually protect our skin from sun exposure, it's no shock to find out that skin cancer is the 9th most common forms for cancer in Europe, with 100,000 new cases diagnosed in 2012. 

The Skinchecker campaign encourages everyone to take a second look at our skin and moles. As skin cancer is the only cancer visible to the eye, and caught early enough 90% of melanoma cases can be treated effectively. So the sooner you catch it, the easier it is to treat. 73% of us are more likely to do more for our loved one's health than our own. So La Roche Posay are challenging you to be a #Skinchecker, and check yourself as well as your loved ones.  

Anthelios is a range of sun care products with a difference, not only do they ensure quality UVA and UVB protection, La Roche Posay Anthelios is formulated and tailored to every skin type, as well as being pleasant to wear. No one likes sticky and greasy sun screen, which is one of the reasons we tend not to bother with it at all. Anthelios' light weight, non-greasy texture makes its a pleasure to apply and wear when out in the sun.  La Roche Posay have also introduced a BB cream to their range of sun protection, making even easier to stay protected as well a glamours on the beach. 

I'm a #Skinchecker, are you?