Lifestyle | How to be more present

Often we confine our lives to a screen. Always posting, tweeting and updating our online persona. We become obsessed with how many likes, how many followers and how many comments we have. We can forget, that behind the screens and software, we're all human and there's a big wide world out there. I'm more than guilty of this myself. I've been really working on this in my personal life, switching off from the cyber world and making the most of the real one.

This so much easier said than done, and I've had to really force myself to create new habits and break old ones. So I figured I'd share some of my methods with you, and remind us all that life is for living, not just for tweeting.

Lifestyle | Good Morning Smoothie

Given the choice, I'll always opt for a grab and go breakfast in the morning. Something that I can throw in my bag while I'm running out of the door. However, this does tend to lead to some bad eating habits, including the odd choccy croissant or pastry.  So I've started a new habit! Good morning smoothies! 

Beauty | La Roche Posay : Athelios launch event with #Skinchecker

To celebrate the launch of their new Anthelios range , La Roche Posay hosted a press and blogger event last week at Rook and Raven Gallery, London.  With competitions, yummy cocktails and complementary manicures, the evening was a focus launch of their new #Skinchecker campaign. 

Lifestyle | Why am I a Blogger?

I've been blogging on and off for almost 4 years now.  I've accepted that my best intentions to Blog everyday or stay consistent are more of a fantasy, but I'm working on it! Whether you Blog for fun or for funds, I think we all face the same struggles. Life is constantly battering us with responsibilities and lets just face it, we're all just busy. Which ultimately begs the questions, Why do we blog at all? 

Beauty | Empties

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The mission : use up my existing collection, from makeup to cosmetics, everything must go. In attempt to not be so wasteful and also saving a bit of dollar along the way, the rule is:
 Use what you got before hitting the shop!

Things have been going pretty well, so I saved up a few of my recent empties to share with you.

Beauty | La Roche-Posay : Effaclar Duo

La Roche-Posay, La Roche Posay, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, Effaclar Duo Review

By now you'll know about my love affair with La Roche-Posay, I've been using a range of their products, review here, in my everyday skincare routine for months, post here. Since their UK launch earlier this year, La Roche-Posay have been taking the industry by storm. Effaclar Duo is the newest addition to my every day skincare routine.

Beauty | Younique Moodstuck 3D Fibre Lashes - Review and Tutorial

Younique Moodstuck 3D fiber lashes , Mascara Review , Younique Moodstuck 3D fiber lashes review ,  3D fiber lash mascara , makeup review, beauty blog
False lashes are simply too much hassle. The glue goes everywhere, and they're just so damn fiddly. Problem is I absolutely adore how they look, and how big lashes really make your eyes pop. Recently all my lash prayers were answered when a friend introduced me to an all natural alternative to those; sticky tricky lash strips. 

Lifestyle | Facts about Me + VIDEO

I love watching videos about peoples lives, I love learning more about the bloggers and vloggers lives. I feel like i get to know them so much better. So that's what I've done. I've shared 20 facts about me on Youtube! 

Lifestyle | Flatford Mill

During our Valentine's weekend away (see post here), we stopped by the famous Flatford mill, maintained by the Natural Trust. Flatford Mill in Suffolk is set on the bands of the River Stour, instantly recognizable as the focus of so many John Constable painting. We took full advantage of a bright and almost warm morning and went exploring...