Lifestyle | Valentine's Weekend

I was lucky enough to share my Valentine's weekend, not only with my lovely boyfriend, but with my parents too. They whisked us away to the country side to a beautiful converted barn in the middle of a field. Just what the doctor ordered, as we spent the weekend totally off grid, drinking wine and playing board games in front of the fire. 

This was perfect as recently I've really been trying to be more present and experience life more. I am that person who cannot put their phone down, and I really don't like that about myself. Instead I want to experience life's moments through my owns eyes, not through the lens of my iphone. 

It was so nice to be away from the busy city and just unwind. Far away from the work inbox and the busy London streets, it was the perfect escape. Snuggled up in front of beautiful wood burner, I felt my week melt away as I warmed my toes and sipped champagne. 

Being present and in the moment is actually harder than it may seem. I find myself a little lost without a device in my hand, and start to panic if I don't have my google maps, as I do tend to get myself lost. Often. I've realised it's going to take a lot more practise that I thought, and in an upcoming post I'll share some of my tips on how I'm managing to tweet less and enjoy real life more. 

In my next post I'll show you around the gorgeous little barn we stayed in, but I just wanted to share with you this gorgeous Valentines cake which was there when we arrived. And of course I added a bit of confetti - here

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day and continue to feel loved all year round.