Beauty | Liz Earle: Brightening Treatment Mask

Despite being best known for the famed Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser, Liz Earle was a brand that I just never got round to trying until recently. I received a free consultation voucher along with a gift set at Christmas. And my eyes were opened. 

After enjoying my free consultation in Sloane Square, a whole range of products found their way into my bag. I couldn't come away empty handed now could I? Amongst the lotions and potions I picked up was the Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask, which has quickly become my favourite purchase this month. 

The long cold winter days don't seem to be going anywhere fast, and my skin is paying the price. It looks dull, lifeless and as fed up with the weather as I am. Enter Liz Earle's Brightening Treatment Mask. The mask is a fast-acting adrenaline boost for the skin. Formulated with Aloe, Which hazel and purifying white clay, this little baby packs some punch. Simply apply to clean, dry skin and leave for 30 seconds - 2mins, and rinse away with a warm cloth, to give your complexion an instant boost of radiance. 

I've been using the mask once or twice a week for the last month, and it's really been working a treat. My complexion looks brighter and healthier, despite the late nights. The surface of my skin is also noticeably smoother and plumper too! What I really love is how quick the mask is, the fast-acting ingredients only need 30seconds to do their job. I never have time to sit back with a mask for half an hour, who does? But 2mins just before I jump in the shower, now that's more like it! The perfect pick-me up for the morning after the night before :)

What's your favourite Liz Earle product?