Beauty | DIY: Brush Cleanser

It's no secret that your makeup brushes can be a breading ground of bacteria. And putting this bacteria onto your face every time you apply your blush isn't going to end well. I try to wash my brushes every week, sometimes it every other, depending on how busy I am. 

Forget about expensive brush cleansers, don't waste your money. Especially when you have everything you need to make a DIY brush cleanser in your kitchen cabinet. 

 All you need is:

- Anti-bacterial washing up liquid
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Hot water 

Simply mix equal parts together and it's really that simple. The anti-bacterial washing up liquid will clean your brushes, whilst killing off the bacteria. The washing up liquid on it's own will strip your bristles of their natural oils and dry them out, this is where the olive oil will replenish your brushes leaving them super soft. Olive oil is also a natural anti-bacterial too, those nasty bugs don't stand a chance. 

Simply swirl your brush in the mixture, working it deep into the bristles. Rinse, and repeat until your brush is clean. Then lay flat to dry. 

Simple. Easy. Cheap!