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Slendertoxtea is a 14 days detox programme which aims to detox your body, slim your waist and cleanse your system. Just the thing after the Christmas season. It's been a 5lb Christmas for me, indulgences chocolates and cheeses has led to my jeans feeling a bit snug. So I'm welcoming in the new year with a well needed detox. I've tried teatoxes before, read about YourTea's Tiny Tea TeaTox here. Being such a fan of teas in general I thought I'd try out another teatox. 

SlenderToxTea : 14 day teatox - £19.99 here

Slendertoxtea is delivered in two convenient resealable pouches, with 14 tea bags for the morning and 7 for alternate evenings. Simply brew for 1-3 mins and enjoy first thing in the morning and last thing at night and let it do it's thing. It's advised to start your TeaTox on a weekend or day off, and after my first day I see why. I think I let my tea brew more than I was tolerant to, as I have had a few nasty cramps. But at least it's working! Tomorrow I'll be a little more careful with my brew time I think. 

Taste-wise, it's not bad either. Like a really mild herbal tea, hard not to like and it's only for 14 days. Today was day one. I'm excited to see the results after the full detox. With promises of increased energy, increased metabolism efficiency, colon cleansing, a weight loss aid, I hope it pays off!  I'll be posting a little update after the first 7 days and I'll be doing mini updates on my instagram as an when. So make sure you're following me on instagram here

 Join me on this TeaTox - get yours here!