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I get fed up of having empty frames. Due to digital photography, I barely ever get around to having physical photos printed. I recieved this beautiful frame for Christmas, and it almost seemed like a crime to leave it empty. So with an hour or so on my hands, I decided to get creative, and it's super simple. Here's how I did it...

Take any frame you've got laying around, any size will do. Mine is the 4"x6", Jasmine Gold frame by Biba here. Next is to decide what you want inside, I chose an inspirational phrase which encourages me everyday. If you're stuck for ideas, head over to Pinterest for some inspiration. See what I've pinned here

Taking some white paper, I've used a sketch book page, but any white paper will do and remove the glass from the frame. Placing it onto the page - mind your fingers - draw round the glass with a pencil to get the right size. Now get creative, play with the space, with fonts and text and sketch out your design faintly with your pencil. I also added a thick boarder to allow for the frame overlay. 

Now taking some liners, fill in and define your design. I love the Faber-Castell liners, which are indian ink, creating a solid pigmented colour - here . Be careful to allow the ink to dry in sections, so to not smudge your work and keep the paper crisp and white. 

Once complete, simply cut out and place in your frame. Voila, you're own inspirational work of art!

What do you think?
Let me know if you try it yourself!