Lifestyle | Coffee Table Musings

When someone comes in to your home, they gather little bits of information about you and your lifestyle by simply glancing around the room. Consciously and subconsciously, they put these little bits together, like a puzzle and generate an image of you. That's why love to light candles, hang pictures and paintings, choose the perfect rug, weather we recognise it or not, we're creating a physical portrait of our lives and thoughts. 
For me, I have a coffee table book addiction. Not only are they an interesting read, but they tell people who walk through the door what sort of person lives there. I love to have a good nose at other people's book shelves, figure out what intrigues them. What makes them tick. They also look cute too. So here's what's hanging out on my coffee table at the moment.

For the Fashionista 
Paris Street Style - A Guide to Effortless Chic by Isabella Thomas & Frederique Veysset. I actually took this one on holiday and devoured it whilst sipping mojitos by the pool. It's a fascinating and comprehensive look into Parisian style. Packed full of tips and tricks to keep your style looking fresh and effortless. Perfect treat for a blogger or fashion lover. 

For the Domestic Goddess
Merry Berry's Baking Bible by Merry Berry. I love a good cheesecake, who doesn't? Whether it's cakes or cookies, Merry has a treat for everyone. 

For the Beauty Lover
Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown. I think most beauty lovers own this book, or some variation of it. An informative look into the construction of Make up and application techniques. When I'm lacking inspiration, and bored of my everyday look, this is the first place I look. 

For the Modern Gentleman
Guide For The Modern Gentleman by Debrett's. I bought this for my boyfriend this Christmas and it was a huge hit! Even I found my nose buried in it over the Christmas period. From The rules of shooting, the proper tailoring for a suit, to the correct way to cancel a date, this book covers everything the Modern Gentleman should know. 

For the Explorer
You Only Live Once by Lonely Planet. I love to travel, to explore and thrive for adventure. If you're like me, with a unhealthy case of wanderlust then this book is for you! Divided into chapters depending on how much time you have to play with, you'll find a new adventure and ideas to get your passport and walking shoes twitching. An hour, a day, a week, a month or a year you'll find yourself inspired to step out of your front door. 

 What's does your coffee table say about you?