Beauty | Paul and Joe - Eyebrow pencil duo

I never thought brows would ever be important to me, but they have the power to completely transform your face. Get them right and they'll help to define your features and frame your face. Get them wrong and you'll never live it down! I attended a Paul and Joe Beaute workshop last month, you can read all about it here. At the event we chatted about all thing brows, everything from perfect arches to the perfect products. 

Paul and Joe Beaute : Eyebrow Pencil duo* - £16.50 here
Not only is Paul and Joe's packaging completely adorable, but the products are also incredible. I've totally fallen head over brows for the eyebrow pencil duo. Available in 3 shades, the duo ended pencil has revolutionised my brows.

The Paul and Joe Beaute eyebrow pencil duo has a waxy formulation which helps your brows stay in place all day. With no red pigment, the 03 shade which I use, is great for blondes who want to avoid those red undertones.

I start with the lighter side to create the general shape of my brow and fill in any sparse areas. The best tip I've heard is to draw on the shadow your natural brow hairs would make. The hardness of the pencil makes it super easy to draw individual hairs, resulting in a more natural looking brow. I then take the darker pencil and add definition to the edges and arch.

Use it right, and you'll have everyone asking where you get your eyebrows done, not what product you use.

How do you do your brows?