Lifestyle | GlitterView Confetti Announcement

You may of noticed that I've not posted in a week or so. Now that's not completely unlike me, however this time its not due to lack of consistency, I've been working on a little project. And I'm finally ready to share it with you, I'm so freaking excited....

Beauty | Mascara 2014

Two mascaras really stood out for me during 2014. A good mascara for me is a must, as my eyes are lightly inset, I need good lashes to pull out my eyes and add definition. If I skip everything else, I wouldn't skip mascara! There's something magical about long voluptuous lashes, that I just can't get enough of!  I couldn't choose between these two, find out why...

DIY | Eat. Sleep. Create.

I get fed up of having empty frames. Due to digital photography, I barely ever get around to having physical photos printed. I recieved this beautiful frame for Christmas, and it almost seemed like a crime to leave it empty. So with an hour or so on my hands, I decided to get creative, and it's super simple. Here's how I did it...

Lifestyle | Pins I'm loving

Pinterest is a whole world of inspiration of me, I tend to lose hours, pinning and pinning before I realise what's happened.  I don't know about you, but spending hours looking at picture of pretty people, with pretty homes, fills me with a tonne of DIY ideas and, a heap of home envy. However, despite losing hours and inevitably wanting to change the entire layout of my house, I thought I'd share some of the pins I'm currently loving... 

Beauty | Paul and Joe - Eyebrow pencil duo

I never thought brows would ever be important to me, but they have the power to completely transform your face. Get them right and they'll help to define your features and frame your face. Get them wrong and you'll never live it down! I attended a Paul and Joe Beaute workshop last month, you can read all about it here. At the event we chatted about all thing brows, everything from perfect arches to the perfect products. 

Lifestyle | Coffee date at Bottega Friulana

What to do on a rainy saturday in early January? We managed to drag ourselves from our duvet fort and brave the outdoors in search of good coffee. We headed to Notting Hill where we found ourselves wandering down Portobello road, exploring the market. Just as the rain started we hopped into Bottega Fruilana. A cute little coffee and wine bar for a coffee date. 

Lifestyle | Stendertoxtea 14 day TeaTox

Slendertoxtea is a 14 days detox programme which aims to detox your body, slim your waist and cleanse your system. Just the thing after the Christmas season. It's been a 5lb Christmas for me, indulgences chocolates and cheeses has led to my jeans feeling a bit snug. So I'm welcoming in the new year with a well needed detox. I've tried teatoxes before, read about YourTea's Tiny Tea TeaTox here. Being such a fan of teas in general I thought I'd try out another teatox. 

Beauty | Skincare routine 2015

In 2014 I finally figured out a skincare routine that really works for my skin. To me that's a huge accomplishment. I have fairly sensitive and oily skin, but overall I have no huge complaints. I get the odd spot here and there, thankfully I grew out of my acne! Mainly my mission is to control excess oils. I've been using this routine for a few months now, and I couldn't be happier. My skin is clear and my complexion has changed completely - I actually look younger -if that's possible at 23! My skin is smooth, hydrated and clear, and since using this routine I've managed to keep the oil at bay too. 

Lifestyle | Coffee Table Musings

When someone comes in to your home, they gather little bits of information about you and your lifestyle by simply glancing around the room. Consciously and subconsciously, they put these little bits together, like a puzzle and generate an image of you. That's why love to light candles, hang pictures and paintings, choose the perfect rug, weather we recognise it or not, we're creating a physical portrait of our lives and thoughts.