Travel | Siam Park : Tenerife

After 5 days of lazy days reclining by the pool in the sun. We went on the search for some adventure. 

Siam Park Tenerife, rumoured to be the best water park in Europe, was the perfect place to get our adrenaline going. 

Siam Parks packs over 20 attractions to keep your blood pumping all day long. I relived my childhood racing around the gorgeously landscaped park to be the first to the top of the slides. 

After a few hours of hurling ourselves down scary slides we headed to Wave Palace. With tonnes of pure white stand imported from the Algarve, the Wave Palace is a haven for any beach lover to relax and regain their strength. 

Living up to it's name, the Wave Palace hold the worlds largest wave machine which literally sends you high into the sky. And is even used for surf competitions in high season. 

Refreshed and rested, it was time for round two. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon tumbling down slides and rides, often screaming and holding my breath. 

If you're in the area, I highly, highly recommend making a visit. 

If not just for the white sand.....