Style | Show stopping Shoes

Anything under 5"3 and you're classed petite, this is a joke right?! I never reached 5 foot, so what should I call myself? 

Micro Petite? 

At 4"10, I struggle to be seen as an adult. Or seen at all for that matter. I have to tiptoe to enter my pin at a store and constantly have ID to hand. I'm 23, and most 13year old are taller than me. However, I can choose to hunch my shoulders and push my way through the crowd or I can embrace it. 

There's actually so much delight in being petite, I wouldn't ever want to change it. So I'll never be a model or have a good view at a concert, but I can rock heels in every circumstance of life. Many of my peers surrender their heels after a couple of hours, whereas after years of training, I can strut my stuff all day in dainty heels and platforms. 

As well as giving me an extra couple of inches, my legs look leaner and my body more elegant. I can keep up with most crowds and even run for the bus in my stilettos. 9 out of 10 days I choose to wear heels. They make me feel girly and feminine, as well as helping people to take me seriously as an adult, rather than a teenager. 

I have many pairs of neutral and nude heels, which should be a staple in all women's wardrobes. But me, I really love a pair of sassy heels. Something to add a pop of colour or attitude to my outfit. 

These are a few of my favourites right now...

These neon beauts are dangerously high and definitely took some practise to master. My tiny feet, a UK size 3, fit these like a glove and never fail to get me noticed. My all time favourite paring for these was with a white shift dress and yellow scarf for a friends wedding. Certainly a show stopper. I got these a couple years back form ASOS, but you can find Similar here.

Making a statement doesn't always mean bright colours, these monochrome striped heels make a constant appearance in my daily wardrobe. As well as literally going with anything, they're actually super comfortable. These gems were actually only £10 from Primark! Can you believe it?! You can find Similar here.

If you follow my blog or Social media, you would of already seen my last pair, a few times now! Again adding a touch of sass to any outfit with these classic leopard print courts. From here  

What are your feet rocking at the moment?