Beauty | SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume

SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume*, is one of those products that I'm not sure I need, but I'm so intrigued that I try it anyway! I was once told a little spritz of perfume in your hair made your scent last longer, but what about a perfume JUST for your hair? 

Interesting concept, but one that I'm actually really enjoying.

The Sachajuan Protective Hair perfume is a NEW product in their protective hair care line, formulated with an anti-odour technology with banishes odours such as sweat, smoke and city air. Instead replacing your locks with scents of fresh Lychee, Peach and Rose. It's certainly not a perfume scent I would pick up in the store, and I honestly didn't like it at all when I smelt it from the bottle. But after couple of spray in your hair then scent warms , and is much more agreeable and fresh. 

As well as keeping my mane smelling fresh, the Sachajuan protective hair perfume if infused with keratin and silk oils to help treat damaged hair and it looking healthy and shiny! I was very skeptical at first, but I actually rather like this stuff. My hair feels a lot less frizzy and well behaved, and with added SPF - It's a winner. 

I'm not sure if this is something I would rush out to repurchase straight away though, its much more of a luxury product than an essential. But it does make me feel very glamours and smelling pretty, as well as protecting my locks!

 and who doesn't want that?