Lifestyle | Portobello Road Market

As newbies to London, we're all about seizing every chance we get to explore the beautiful city. I always said I never wanted to live in London, I only moved here for my job. However the more time I'm here and exploring I'm very quickly falling in love.

Notting Hill has always been one of my favourite places in London. 

Cute pastel painted town houses and quaint coffee and brunch spots, it's a great place to spend an autumnal afternoon. 

Even though we live here, We're not afraid to be tourists. 

I couldn't resist a few snaps in front of The Notting Hill Bookshop, in the hope that Hugh Grant might stumble by....

Following the beautiful arched streets, our destination was Portobello Road Market. Where our senses were insulted with a host of bright colours, gorgeous smells and smooth jazz sounds which flooded from little cafes and wine bars.

 Reaching the mile long stretch of market stalls, in the later afternoon, has got to be the best time to go. It's slightly less busy, and vendors beat down their prices to get an end of day sale. Perfect for our hungry tummies.

From street performers, fresh flowers, leather goods and hundreds of tasty treats to choose from, you'll loose yourself for hours getting lost in a maze of stalls.

Perusing pretty beads and antiques can be thirsty work! 

So why not stop to quench your thirst with a tangy Pina Colada? Straight for the pineapple it's self! Sipping on this tropical punch, I pretended I was on the dusty streets of spain, ( just minus the beach and sun)

Portobello Road market is my new favourite place to spend lazy weekends, with so much to feast you're eyes on. I'll definitely be back soon to spend my pennies on pretty things.