Lifestyle | MAGNIFY - ISSUE 1 : Faith Feminism Fashion

Introducing MAGNIFY and exciting new woman's mag with attitude and aspirations. With Blogging and digital publications, it's becoming a rare thing to actually get your hands on a physical product. Now I fully support the digital age, if I didn't I wouldn't be blogging, but there's something about holding pages between your fingers instead of scrolling that's so satisfying. 

Magnify is a new magazine for the urban female. Issue one boasting a heap of optimuism, inspiration and style, focusing on Faith, Feminism and Fashion. Flicking through the stylish monochrome matte pages of the first issue, I can't help but feel empowered as a young woman in the city. 

As a blogger it's very easy to become caught up in materialism, big time! Every post you read makes you want to buy more and have more. And that's not always a healthy thing. Shini Park, writer of lifestyle blog; Park&Cube discusses this in a intriguing interview of how her blog became her career and how she tries to hold on to her integrity in a materialistic world. 

From personal identity, delicious recipes, and fashion, Magnify has it all for the forward thinking female of this generation. Be encouraged, inspired and informed.  

Jane Mc Keever chats tongue in cheek about the instgram age of rich-kids protraying 'the perfect life'. Like most, I often find this disheartening, comparing yourself to snapshots of other people's lives can get you down. I think this is something so many of us struggle with, Jane really puts into perspective in her article. Well worth a read! 

For your daily dose, head to the website or pick up your issue from the following stockists:

Brompton Cafe & Bookshop, HTB Brompton Road, SW7 1JA
Kahaila Cafe, 135 Brick Lane, E1 6SB
Magma (Clerkenwell), 117-119 Clerkenwell Road, EC1R 5BY
Press Bureau, 213 Brompton Road, SW3 2EJ
Wardour News, 118-120 Wardour Street, W1F 0TU

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