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One of my favourite type of post to read is home decor. I love getting new inspiration and tricks that I can incorporate into my own home. We recently moved from Cambridge to London  and totally loving exploring the big city. 

You can check out some of the adventures we've been having recently here and here

In a previous post, here, I spoke about the importance of 'nesting materials'. These are the things that you can put into a new home to instantly make it feel welcoming and relaxing while you settle into your new surroundings. 

We've been Londoners over just over 3 weeks now, so I thought I'd share with you some of our new Home, complete with nesting material :),  as I become satisfied with the layout I'll post more! 

So here's our fireplace...

To see more of my living room and where to buy some of these pieces, Check out my new Video!

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I'm new at this... :)