Lifestyle | Do fairytales exist?

I've recently been going through a transitional phase in my life. Not a physical or geographical one, but a mental, emotional and spiritual transition. My brain is no longer being overloaded with the spiralling hormones of a teenager, my body has decided it's staying put how it is, so shouldn't life be getting simpler?

This is something that I've become a lot more aware of over the last couple of months, and I've actually found that it's a common phase for girls my age to go through. Girls in particular are sold the fairytale from birth. We're overloaded with princess tiaras and happy ever afters. We dream and plan our futures out, all with added fireworks and rose petals. But my question is, what happens if your fairytale future just isn't coming true?

It's taken me a while to get my head around the concept, but ultimately I've come to the conclusion that I believe fairytales do exist. But they don't ride in on a white horse or include a personal fairy God Mother. I've learnt if I want my happy ending, my fairy tale, then I've got to go build it! It seems like a simple idea, but it's profoundly changed my outlook on my life, my relationships and my career. 

I've learnt it's now up to me to make my life a success. It's up to me to decide that it's worth getting up in the morning. And if it's not worth surrendering the duvet in the morning, then it's up to me to actually do something and change it. If I have aspirations and goals which include a pretty white house and annual holidays in europe, then I've got to work for and pay. If I want a loving home full of happiness and joy, then I have to invest time in building a strong relationship with my boyfriend. If I want to own my own business, create my schedule, my own money, then I have to take control. I have to learn the right skills, take the right opportunities, and ultimately stop sitting around and waiting for my dreams to come true. 

Once you've embrace the fact that things aren't just going to fall into your lap, then you're already half way there. Accepting that working hard, training ,learning and investing in your future makes achieving your goals so much more enjoyable. It's not meant to be dream crushing, but empowering! Estee Lauder puts it perfectly: 

' I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.'