Beauty | Autumn Winter 2014 : Lipstick Picks!

Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite seasons for Make up. I go mad over the dark berry and cinnamon red shades which occupy beauty counters this time of year. I'm not a huge wearer of bright colours during the warmer months, but as soon as Autumn set in - Hold me back! 

My boyfriend would argue that I have FAR too many lipsticks, the phrase 'you already have a 100 red lipsticks' is something I hear a lot. And he's right, but I don't care. In my mind you can never have enough red toned lipsticks. 

Somehow, with much hmmm-ing and ahhh-ing I've whittled my collection down to 7. My plan was to choose 5, but I just couldn't decide, so here are my 7 favourite Lipsticks for Autumn and Winter! 

Going left to right:
No7 - Stay Perfect Lipstick : Buff is my neutral pick. Slightly darker than your classic nude lipstick, leaning more to a brown really. Formulated with a silky matte finish, Buff is my nude pick for the chilly months, perfect for a hint of understated glamour, without looking too dolled up. £9.95 here

No7 - Moisture Drench Lipstick: Plum Beautiful is my most reached for and repurchased lipstick in the bunch by a mile. A rich spicy plum shade which is perfect for every look! I wear this baby day and night, most days. The formula is incredible, its moisturising without being slimy and sticky, and stays put for hours! Perfection in a tube. £9.95 here

Ulta3 - Moisturising Lipstick: Rosa is a super cheap lipstick I bought in Australia. Sorry UK readers, I can't find it available in the UK. Despite being only a couple of dollars the Ulta3 lipsticks are awesome, on par or perhaps better than our MUA products. I only wish I bought more! Rosa is a plum toned pink lipstick with a glossy finish. $3.50AUS here

The Body Shop - Lipstick: 49 is a colour I picked up in They Body Shop recent sale. However, I think they have now decided to discontinue it. Shade 49 is a lighter pink shade with a touch of sparkle. I love a subtle hint of sparkle and glitz to brighten my day. 

No7 - Stay Perfect: Classic Rose is yet another No7 product which I adore. No7 seem to be setting the bar with lipstick at the moment! I just can't get enough. Again, like Buff, Classic Rose is a matte formulated lipstick which as the name suggests stays perfect for hours. Classic Rose is the brightest pick in the collection a real girly pink with a lovely depth compared to it's summer counterparts making it a real treat for the party season. £9.95 here

Oriflame - More by Demi Lipstick: Hollywood Red is another discontinued product (I should of thought this through) which has made my top Lipstick picks this season. The stunning packaging is enough to earn it's place in the line up alone, however this truly glamourous pink toned red just screams Christmas.

Rimmel - Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick: 107 is something of a cult product from last year. But I'm bringing it back. An ultra vampy crimson red which takes a touch of bravery to wear during the day. But is an absolute statement when you do. The Matte formula is highly pigmented, so it takes a bit of patience to get perfect and ignore the nasty smell. Once applied it's going no where! £4.45 Here 

 What are your top Lipstick picks for this season?