Style | 4 Looks : 1 Knit Sweater

I've recently bulked up my knitwear collection for the cold months ahead. Spending all of last year in Australia, my wardrobe was seriously lacking warmth. You don't have to look far this season to see that knits are in. I fell for this light blue knit jumper, I love how it compliments my hair and skin tone as well as making my blue eyes pop. 

Building a wardrobe is an art. Learning how to integrate new items, with your existing wardrobe is about imagination and creativity.  And ultimately creating your own unique style. I've really loved playing with my wardrobe this season, so here's 4 ways to style one knit sweater for the colder months. 

Knit Sweater - Primark (worn throughout) Similar // Pleat Skirt - Uni Qlo here // Chelsea Boots - Topshop Similar // Melissa Bag - Accessorize here // Necklace - Primark (worn throughout) 

Style No.1   'Lets Brunch'   Picture sipping at a skinny flat white aside a choccy croissant. Caching up on the latest gossip and exchanging new indulgences with friends. It's no secret. I love to Brunch.  Mainly because getting out of bed before 9am on a weekend is completely unnecessary, yet have a love for all things breakfast. 

Bulky knits can be a little overpowering for a small frame like mine, so to add a touch of feminine fun I'm wearing my favourite pleat skirt, which flounces as I walk. Yes, like an 8year old. Bring sophistication back the look with a classic pear of Chelsea heeled boots and my go-to bag. 

Cape - eBay here // Skirt - Topshop // Heels - New Look similar 

Style No 2.    'Let's do Coffee'   A large part of my working and personal life involves running to coffee meetings. Be they for work or for pleasure, it's always important to look well turned out. For me it's a balancing act of just enough glam with just enough I woke up like this. 

Little skirt and heels show up for the glam team, while the knit swearer and cape keep the look casual as well as cosy.   

Navy Blazer - H&M similar // Pink Leggings - Uni Qlo In store only - similar // Bag - Zara 

Style No 3.    'Lets Shop'   I always recommend wearing jeans or leggings when out on a shopping trip. Something easy to tug on and off during dressing room visits. And these pink wash  jeans never fail to make me smile. Just because it's Autumn/Winter now, doesn't mean you should shy away from colour.

 Throw on a Blazer to smarten up the look, and a matching shoe and bag combo... let's shop. 

Navy Blazer - H&M  // Dark wash Jeans - Gap here // Bag - Zara similar // Heels - Michael Kors Similar 

Style No 4.   'Let's Work'   I'm lucky enough that my office isn't super formal, most days you'll find me running off to meetings in little dresses or jeans. But this is no dress down friday - this navy blazer gives my figure shape and definition, teamed with dark wash jeans,  totally nails the smart casual look.  Add a pair of comfy heels for good measure, these are my new favourites for Michael Kors and let's get to work.

Bonus look here

I have so much fun playing dress up in my wardrobe. Makes me feel like a little girl again! Let me know how you're styling your knits this Winter!