Lifestyle | 25 problems of a Beauty Blogger

I've been a beauty bloggers for about 3 years now, and it really is a way of life, in a humorous way. People just don't understand you need to buy that new formulation of lipgloss in EVERY colour. They just don't understand that you can't go out just yet - you need to upload your new post! Both of these to me are very vaild arguments, but you do have to laugh at yourself sometimes. So I've put together 25 of my top problems with being a Beauty blogger, which is had me in fits of giggles while writing! So go on, have a giggle at yourself! 

1. Tweeting in the middle of the night, so my oversees readers see my New post - Before discovering tweetdeck
2. I'm exhausted, do I really have to Cleanse, tone AND moisturise? 
3. That product costs HOW much?
4. Instagram photos - takes 25 mins to take and edit the perfect shot. 10 mins to add all the hashtags
5. Birds eye view photos - bloody shadow
6. Be unique - What does that even mean?!
7. You post everyday?! So do I, 2 weeks of the year
8. One word. Eyebrows
9. Out fit of the day posts - but you're home alone. Looks like it's another selfie / mirror pic sigh
10. Non- blogger friends, they just don't understand
11. Spend more time of social media than actaully being social
12. I missed #bblogger chat on twitter AGAIN - 'Send me links?'
13. You like all my insta photos - why no follow?! 
14. No David, I do not need help with my SEO, thank you for my 100 emails this week.
15. Take the Perfect photos - no idea what to write
16. 300 photos of my new lipgloss - only use 3 of them 
17. Natural light is worth more than gold and your Chanel lipstick
18. Someone unfollowed me? That cuts deep
19. A model in the mirror - a mess on camera
20. Own one Chanel lipstick? Use it in every photo!
21. Fresh flowers cost how much?
22. I'm not high maintenance, it's an investment
23. I've used 'perfect' , 'love', 'gorgeous' about 30 times already in this post. I need more adjectives!
24. Facebook page for my blog - 1 like this week
25. What am I doing with my life?