What's in my bag?

If you're like me, you're nosey. 

Yep, nothing beats having a good nose at other peoples' stuff. I guess that's why lots of us read Lifestyle blogs. We love seeing other peoples' bits and bobs. 

So for those of you like me, here's a little nose in to my everyday bag. 
I carry a Mulberry Alexa in light tan. 

Okay okay, It's not a real Mulberry, but a pretty good Sh-Mulberry. A good fake designer handbag should always be top of your shopping list when you go to Thailand. Not only are they pretty convincing, but they're excellent quality too if you know where to look. 

I recommend the MBK centre in Bangkok.

Mine is genuine luxurious leather, making it so tactile and durable, and the metal work is almost identical to the real thing. 

I did my research.

So for a fraction of the price - I can pretend I'm a Chelsea Princess.  
So what do I actually carry in my bag? 

I try to stick to the essentials, for years I carried around a sack full of crap. Which gets pretty irritating to lug about everywhere. 

So here's whats inside.

Purse - Obviously an essential. Yep it's another knock off from Thailand, but definitely not real leather. It does need replacing, but it does the job for now. 

iPad - I currently commute to work (not for too much longer!!), so to make the journey a little more bearable I use my Kindle app to read. I'm currently reading Stolen Child by Laura Elliot.

iPhone - I have an iPhone 5S in gold with this cute white Birds nest iPhone case . It was dead cheap and I get some many complements on it!

Make Up - I try to keep my make up items to a minimum in my bag. I don't need much to keep my face looking topped up and fresh. 

Kiko Bronzer in Spicy Brown and Sigma brush to top up my health glow on the go. 

My favourite autumn lipstick, No7 Moisture drench in Plum Beautiful

Kiko eyeliner in Dark Grey

Sheer Finish Kabuki Brushfrom EcoTools is what I use to apply my mineral foundation in the morning. The brush has enough product left on it for touch ups through out the day. 

And a pale pink lip gloss from Victoria's seacret. 

Another commuter essential is a good mag, Glamour is my current favourite for beauty and style inspiration. 

And for when inspiration hits, I like to keep a my PaperBlanks note book with me, this one was a Christmas present from my mum it's so beautiful and girly, design: Filigree Floral Ivory.
Finally However much I'd love to take these guys with me, I don't think my boss would approve if I had these guys playing on my desk. 

But I just can't get enough of the cuteness! 

Have a great weekend!

Love Fluff and Squidge.