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Wednesday night, after ramming all our worldly belongings in the back of the car, we took my Boyfriend's parents and sister out to dinner to thank them for giving us somewhere to sleep for the last 4months. We braved the beastly weather and headed off to a swanky country pub where we stuffed ourselves with delicious steak and burgers and copious amounts of wine. Not to mention a cheeky Tia Maria Coffee to send us to sleep. 

Thursday morning, the moving began. Moving house first required a trip to my parent's home in Suffolk. I love going home to Suffolk, the rolling hills and the fresh air always manages to make me feel like a kid again. Somewhere between throwing my belongings in the back of the car and a trip to the salon, we managed to squeeze in dinner out with the fam.

We're now snug as a bug in our new apartment in London. And I couldn't be more excited to share it all with you. Keep and eye out for some home decor posts & perhaps a tour coming soon! 

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